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That was EUICC 2020, the European Ultimate Indoor Club Championships in Herning.


Tremendous atmosphere for four days, very high level of competition, high standard of Spirit of the Game ( only one SotG timeout ), finalists from six different countries and three exciting finals.


Congratulations to champions Drop That Smile, RealFive and mJAH ! And of course to Spirit winners KFUM Örebro, Viksjöfors and Ekeberg Sendeplateklubb !

Results :

Sprit scores :

See you hopefully next year with your national teams again in Herning !

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Call for Bids for EYUC-U20 2021 and EYUC-U17 2021


Dear Member Federations

please receive the Call for Bids for the European Youth Ultimate Championship 2021.

We plan two separate EYUC Events in 2021, one for U20 and one for U17, each with 3 divisions; Women, Open and Mixed.
National Federations may send one team to each event in three divisions.
Bids should be separate, either U17 or U20. We do not expect any bidder to host both events, but of course this option does exist.

Please find here all details for your application.

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Call for Bids for EYUCamps 2020


This is the call for bids for the European Youth Ultimate Culture Camps (EYUCamps). The camp is mainly targeted for players between 13 and 18 years of age with at least one year of playing experience. Younger or older Junior players may be accepted in agreement with the regional Camp Organizing Committee and EUF.

The main idea is to give any youth players, not only the elite, an uplifting international ultimate experience, which otherwise only national team players get.
The EUF Youth Committee has started co-hosting regional “Youth Ultimate Culture Camps" for players to encourage grass roots development of young players throughout Europe in 2018. A number of national federations have expressed interest in hosting one of the camps in 2020.

To encourage international participation, please recommend locations easily reachable for a number of countries; ideally in a border region and not in the middle of a big country.
The number of participants may vary greatly, from 25 to 200 kids. This is up to the local organizers to define Coaches typically come from the EUF "Train the Trainer" program, and a head coach will be provided.
Please provide confirmation of support, participation and approval of your National Flying Disc Federation

Here you can find all details for the application

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[PRESS RELEASE] EUF is pleased to continue Luckygrass as the official apparel partner for the 2020 season



After two successfull seasons the EUF is pleased to continue Luckygrass as the official apparel partner for the 2020 season.

Last year the partnership between EUF and Luckygrass truly was a great success. With their presence during the four big events that EUF organized in 2019 ( EUC in Györ, EYUC in Wroclaw, EUCF in Caorle and EUMC in Madrid ) Luckygrass proved to be an extra factor for the success of these tournaments. Although 2020 won´t be such a busy year for EUF, Luckygrass continues their close partnership with our federation, starting right away during EUICC in Herning where they will appear with a booth, then helping out with the coming Train-the-Trainer and EUCR weekends and possibly the Culture Camps, culminating in the grand finale of EUCF in Bruges.

EUF President Andrea Furlan says:

After this second year of successfull cooperation, the EUF board didn´t have to think a lot to succeed our partnership with Luckygrass. Their presence at all big EUF sanctioned events surely helped these tournaments to be more interesting for the players. But continuing our partnership means that not only the European elite players will benefit from this mutual agreement, because also regular clubs in whole Europe are able to get reduced rates for their outfits.

Luckygrass International Manager Dima Podolskiy says:

EUF is a very open-minded organisation, always going for the sport development and thinking about the needs of the involved people and players. As LuckyGrass was founded by the people raised in Ultimate community we fully share its approach and are proud to be part of this enthusiastic team.

Check out their website at



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Gender Ratio Rule A for all EUF Events starting from 2020


Dear Members Federations and Ultimate Community


As announced in a previous EUF Press Release in April 2019, all EUF sanctioned events will adopt the Gender Ratio A starting from the Season 2020. This Gender Ratio is already in place at the European Ultimate Indoor Club Championship 2020 in Herning (DEN) on Jan. 30th-Feb. 2nd.

A7.2. Ratio Rule A (“prescribed ratio” rule):
A7.2.1. At the start of the game, after the first disc flip, an additional disc flip happens with the winner selecting the gender ratio for the first point. For the second and third 7 points the ratio must be the reverse of the first point. For the fourth and fifth points the ratio must be same as the first point. This pattern of alternating the ratio every two points repeats until the end of the game (half time has no impact on the pattern). 

EUF has analyzed the percentage of female players in anerage in the roster of mixed teams in 2019.

  • EUCF : 44%
  • EUCR South : 42%
  • EUCR West : 41%
  • EUCR Central : 44%
  • EUCR East : 42%
  • EUCR North : 43%

The introduction of the Gender Ratio A fits perfectly in the EUF gender equity strategy, supported also by the European Community Erasmus+ Project "EU-GEM" (European Ultimate Gender Equity Manual) aimed to collect best practicves to recruit, train and retain female players in Europe.
Thanks to this Gender Ratio we expect that mixed teams will increase the focus in forming female players, increasing the averages of 2019. At the same time these data do not indicate that teams will have an issue to enter EUF sanctioned mixed tournaments.

Considering also the increase of the size of the women division at the EUCF, the year 2020 will have a strong women focus, which we hope will be propagated also at national and club level.


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