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Gender Ratio Rule A for all EUF Events starting from 2020


Dear Members Federations and Ultimate Community


As announced in a previous EUF Press Release in April 2019, all EUF sanctioned events will adopt the Gender Ratio A starting from the Season 2020. This Gender Ratio is already in place at the European Ultimate Indoor Club Championship 2020 in Herning (DEN) on Jan. 30th-Feb. 2nd.

A7.2. Ratio Rule A (“prescribed ratio” rule):
A7.2.1. At the start of the game, after the first disc flip, an additional disc flip happens with the winner selecting the gender ratio for the first point. For the second and third 7 points the ratio must be the reverse of the first point. For the fourth and fifth points the ratio must be same as the first point. This pattern of alternating the ratio every two points repeats until the end of the game (half time has no impact on the pattern). 

EUF has analyzed the percentage of female players in anerage in the roster of mixed teams in 2019.

  • EUCF : 44%
  • EUCR South : 42%
  • EUCR West : 41%
  • EUCR Central : 44%
  • EUCR East : 42%
  • EUCR North : 43%

The introduction of the Gender Ratio A fits perfectly in the EUF gender equity strategy, supported also by the European Community Erasmus+ Project "EU-GEM" (European Ultimate Gender Equity Manual) aimed to collect best practicves to recruit, train and retain female players in Europe.
Thanks to this Gender Ratio we expect that mixed teams will increase the focus in forming female players, increasing the averages of 2019. At the same time these data do not indicate that teams will have an issue to enter EUF sanctioned mixed tournaments.

Considering also the increase of the size of the women division at the EUCF, the year 2020 will have a strong women focus, which we hope will be propagated also at national and club level.


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Surveys about potential changes in the European Ultimate Championship Series


Dear Ultimate European Community

During the EUF General Assembly in Györ in summer 2019 the EUF set in place a working group with the goal of analyzing the actual size and format of the European Ultimate Championship Series and to make suggestions how it should evolve.

One of the reccommadations, the increase of the teams in the women division from 12 to 16 at the EUCF, has already been implemented.

In order to take sound decisions about other middle term potential changes, the EUCS Format Committee and the EUF Board would kindly ask you to fill in these 2 surveys (10 questions each to be answered in few minutes) within Nov. 30th.

Adjustments of the EUCF general Format and Division Sizes

Adjustments of the EUCS Men division and multiple leagues

Thanks a lot for your feedback and sharing your feedback



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EUCF2020 will take place in Bruges on October 2nd-4th featuring a women division of 16 teams



Dear Ultimate Community

The EUF Board is happy to annouce that the EUCF2020 will take place in Bruges (BEL) on Oct. 2nd-4th 2020, hosted by the Club Freezzz Beezzz Brugge, already organizer of the EUCF2011. The Tournament will take place in the same facilities of the Tom's Tourney.

Starting from the 2020 edition the EUF board and the Central Series Committeed decided to rise the number of women teams from 12 to 16, keeping the size of the other divisions unchanged: Men - 24 teams; Mixed - 12 teams.

The Regional Series Commitees will open soon the calls for the organisation of the EUCRs.



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Train the Trainer Camp in Vilnius (LIT) on Nov 22-24


After the great success of the EUF Train the Trainer Camps in 2018 in Heidelberg, Warsaw, Istanbul and Madrid, now the project moves north to the Baltic area!

The next Train the Trainer Camp held by the new European Club Champion Davide Morri from CUSB and from the World Game National Team Player Ewa Bańbuła-Dyda will be in Vilnius (LIT) on Nov. 22-24.
In this camps future trainers will learn the successful recruiting and training methodology used by CUSB in these years that brought Bologna and Italy to the top of the European Countries.
The Camp is full of hands-on exercises and is suited for all people that want to train beginners and less experienced players. 

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EUCF2019 Results and feedback survey


The EUCF2019 featured 3 days of intence highly spirited games in the Italian sun of Caorle (Venice).

24 Open, 12 Women and 12 Mixed teams competed for the title of European Ultimate Club Champions 2019.

Congratulation to CUSB La Fotta (Men), CUSB Shout (Women) and Salaspils Mix (Mixed)!


The Spirit Circle as part of the game start procedures, with the goal to have everybody commit in advance how to deal with each other during the game and to reduce potential latent aggressivity worked very well. There was just 1 SotG Time-Out during the whole tournament. The SotG average is 10,46. The Teams demonstrated that you can have close games (18% of the game ended at Universe Point!) with full respect of the rules and the Spirit of the Game values!

Congratulations to all participants for this great example!
The best Spirit was demonstrated by Flying Angels Bern (Men), Dublin Gravity (Women) and Häßliche Erdferkeln (Mixed)!

All Results are under

Spirit Results:

16 live streamed games are available on fanseat.

We would like to ask you to give us your personal feedback about the tournament



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