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XEUCF 2021 Final Results


Thanks to all participants and congratulation to the Winners!

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XEUCF Covid Measures


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EUCS Transition Part 4: Ranking System


 The myth, the vision, (the illusion? the legend?), the ranking system. 

As you read the other articles you find many references to this. To be clear from the beginning: we currently have no ranking system in place but we work on finding (or even creating one).


Since this topic is something well known in the mathematicians community, we would like to ask the community, as you, if there are experienced people or people with math expertise willing to help in this process. 

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EUCS Transition Part 3: Spring and Summer Invite



One thing that works quite well in the current system is the distribution of tournaments through the regions.This is not only easier on the players' money, it requires less air travel as well (In some regions it might already be quite challenging without air travelling). In order to balance the system on the competitive side but not lose the effort of (somewhat) easy regional accessibility we want to implement the Spring and the Summer Invite tournament.

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EUCS Transition Part 2: European Elite Invite



The tournament that is going to be introduced in the first year of the transition is the “ELITE INVITE”. 

Europe's top 8 teams from each division will be invited to compete and to prepare for their season. In 2022 we want to invite a great diversity based on strength and upcoming highlights like the World Games or WUCC.

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