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The Covid-19 pandemic seems to be a never-ending-story and based on the latest analysis by the EUF Task Force on 2021 events, the TOC and EUF has decided to additionally postpone the EUIC 2022 in Herning, Denmark from the end of January to Thursday March 17 - Sunday March 20.

Hopefully these extra months will allow National Federations a better time frame for considering their local vaccine rollout and travel restrictions.

The venue still remains Sportscenter Herning and EUIC 2022 will have three divisions; men's, women's and mixed, with 16 teams competing in each division. Since the cooperation between the Venue, City and TOC is high, we want to uphold the requirements given by the accommodation.


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EYUC: From European Championships to CUPS


 Both events will be changed from European Youth Ultimate Championships

to smaller, lower cost, 3 - 4 day Regional

European Youth Ultimate CUPS

Both events will now include the divisions Under 17 and Under 20

and will be organized in close cooperation with the local health authorities.

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EUCS2021: No EUCRs - Next Plan XEUCF in Bruges on Sept. 30th - Oct. 3rd 2021



Dear Ultimate community

A regular season with all EUCRs and EUCF happening is currently highly unlikely and therefore the EUF Board has decided to cancel the EUCRs tournaments in 2021.

For the next Deadline on May 1st we will be talking about having the XEUCF of 3-4 days in Bruges from Sept. 30th to Oct. 3rd 2021 or another format if possible. National federations will nominate the teams (hopefully with a qualification process from 2021).



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EUF Board will decide on April 1st. whether to continue with the organisation of the Youth Events in summer 2021


Dear players, coaches, EUF National Federations and parents,

The EUF Board will decide on April 1st. whether to continue with the organisation of the Youth Events in summer 2021

EYUC U20 2021 is planned to take place in Malmö, Sweden on July 17th-24th 2021

EYUC U17 2021 is planned to take place in Hollabrunn, Austria on August 7th-14th 2021. 

To do starting immediately > Please provide your Admin Contacts. This is not a commitment to attend!
April 1, 2021 EUF will issue a statement with one of two possibilities:
Option 1. Continue Planning
Option 2. Cancel, Postpone and Propose Alternative Events
May 1, 2021
Team Fee will be due on May first.
U20 - Team Fee payment will be refunded 100% if the event is cancelled before June 15th.  
U17 - Team Fee payment will be refunded 95% if the event is cancelled before June 15th.
June or July 1, 2021
Player Fee is due and hotel accommodation payment is due - Please see the website for details.


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General assembly elects new board members!


Thanks a lot again for having attended the EUF General Assembly on Sat. Nov. 28th.

Here you can find the meeting minutes.

Andrea Furlan (AUT) - president -

Becky Thompson (GBR) - secretary -

Ted Beute (NED) - treasurer -

Gabriele Sani (ITA) - Development -

Haude Hermand (FRA) - Competitions -

Heidi Pekkola (FIN) - Gender Equity & Good Governance -

Henrietta Papp (HUN) - SotG -

Mark Kendall (GER) - Youth -

Ricardas Zareckis (LTU) - North&East development and Education -


Matthias Zaccarin (DEN)

Lubomir Botev (BUL)

In the Minutes there is also the link to the full slide set and the dump of the meeting chat.

You can always reach out to EUF by sending an email to:


The old and the new EUF Board wishes you a safe and peaceful Christmas Time.

Let's start in 2021 with a lot of energy!


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