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Meeting Minutes EUF General Assembly 2015 in Copenhagen



Management Summary:

  • EUF Board made a very good job in 2014 and entered various strategic partnerships
  • EUF board is confirmed and discharged by private liability
  • EUF substainability and travel policies have been approved
  • Auditors might review also budgets of EUF sanctioned events
  • Swiss Federation investigates in fixing a weekend for a yearly tournament for national teams

Grazie e ciao


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National Team Preparation Tournament of May 14-16 in Frankfurt


Dear member federations 


As written in the Minutes of the EUF General Assembly the GA assigned Luca Miglioretto from the Swiss federation the task to check the possibility to have a preparation tournament for national teams in 2016, with the chance to identify a fix weekend also for the years after. 


Luca interviewed many national team Coaches and came to the conclusion that the long weekend May 14-16 is the one that fits most for a common preparation tournament for 2016.


The EUF Board is of the opinion that having a fix event per year where national teams can play and experiment with new players and setups will make European national teams much more competitive without impacting the plans and the tournament calendar of clubs.


The organizers of skyline cup and EUCF2014 are able to host a large tournament in 2016 in Frankfurt (GER),  that respects the EUF games and fields requirements.

We encourage national teams to participate this event in 2016.

We want to make clear though that it is completely up to every federation to decide how to plan the season of their national teams and whether rather to apply for a spot at large invitation tournament, whether to use this long weekend for training camps, or whether to register for this "national teams only" event.


Thanks a lot to Luca for the great work!


We hope that you will also like this idea of fix national teams preparation events and that the one in 2016 will be the first of a long successful series.

In any case we plan to collect feedback whether the period, the format and the location fit the majority and which adjustments should be made for the further years.


Grazie e ciao



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Regional Bid Distribution for the EUCF2016


Dear European Ultimate Federations,


According to the results of the EUCF2015 in Wroclaw, this is the Regional Bid distribution for the EUCF2016


Region Open Bids 2016 Elite 2016
W 5 1
C 5 3
S 6 2
E 4 1
N 4 1
Waitinglist E,W,C,S,N  

Details of the bid allocation system applied to the EUCF 2015 results



Region Women Bids 2016
W 2
C 2
S 3
E 3
N 2
Waitinglist W, E, S, C, N

Details of the bid allocation system applied to the EUCF 2015 results



Region Mixed Bids 2016
W 2
C 2
S 2
E 4
N 2
Waitinglist W,C,S,N,E

Details of the bid allocation system applied to the EUCF 2015 results



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EUCF2015 Final Standings


The EUCF2015 in Wroclaw was the largest in terms players ever: 1005 registered players!

EUF concratules all medals and spirit winners

EUCF2015Top3 Ranking

Final Standings and Spirit Scores

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EUC2015 Final Standings


The EUF congratulates all Medals and Spirit Winners for their performance!

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