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Call for Bids for the EUCF 2017


Dear member federations 

The EUF officially opens the call for bids for the EUCF 2017. This will assign the title of European Club Champion in the division Open, Women, Mixed.

The European Ultimate Masters Club Championships (EUMCC) will take place in a separate event in Summer 2017.

Deadlines and requirements are here.

Please consider that only federations can bid or clubs/individuals with a letter of reference from a EUF member federation. 

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Call for Bids for the European Ultimate Masters Club Championship 2017


In 2017 there will be the next edition of the European Ultimate Masters Club Championship (EUMCC).
The EUF Club Championship in the Masters divisions is played every 4 years.

The EUF Board has decided to hold the Masters divisions separate in time and location from the divisions without age limits.
This brings not only logistical advantages, but offers the masters divisions much more space and visibility.

Players entering in the Open and Mixed Masters divisions are eligible if they reach at least their 33rd birthday in 2017. In the Women players must reach at least their 30th birthday in 2017.

The participation to the EUMCC does not influence the eligibility limits of the EUCS . This means that Masters players can play in the Masters division at the EUMCC and can play the regular club season with their Open/Women/Mixed Teams. 

The EUF Board officially opens the Call for Bids for the organisation of the EUMCC 2017 in the divisions Open Masters and Women Masters.

Details for the call for bids are here.


Grazie e ciao


- EUF President -

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Overview Deadlines EUCS 2016 in the East Region




April 8th

registration deadline for EUCR mixed (all nations), EUCQ open/women (CEL Nations), EUCR open+women (AUT, BLR, UKR)

April 15th

deadline for the national representatives to send the team rankings.

April 22nd

Roster freeze for all divisions.

April 22nd

Teamfee payment deadline for both EUCR mixed and EUCQ o/w.
Teams, which will be trying both, must pay the EUCQ to make sure they really will be going to EUCQ. In case of qualification in Mixed the Teamfee will be refunded.

May 7th-8th

EUCR mixed in Velke Bilovice

May 9th-16th

EUCQ registration for teams from the waiting list replacing teams that qualified to EUCR mixed. Teams may extend their rosters with players from not-qualified mixed teams.

May 21st-22nd

EUCQ-NW (CEL) Open+Women in Sardice

May 23rd-June 6th

EUCR-E Open+Women Registration for teams that qualified from the EUCQ-NW (CEL)

June 30th

Teamfee payment deadline for EUCR-E Open+Women

Aug. 26th-28th

EUCR-E Open+Women in in St. Pölten


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EUCF2016 takes place in Frankfurt on Sept. 30th - Oct. 2nd


Dear EUF member Federations

The EUF Board is pleased to announce that the EUCF2016 will take place from Sept. 30th to Oct. 2nd in Frankfurth.

The EUF can rely on the very experienced TOC, that has already organized the EUCF2012, EUCF2014 and EYUC2015 on that venue.
Additionally to the known Polo fields in the Frankfurt Nied, the TOC will use up to 8 satellite fields on 2 Venues reachable in few minutes walk or by shuttle bus.

The Regional Committee will open the call for bids for the EUCRs in the next days.


Grazie e ciao


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Meeting Minutes EUF General Assembly 2015 in Copenhagen



Management Summary:

  • EUF Board made a very good job in 2014 and entered various strategic partnerships
  • EUF board is confirmed and discharged by private liability
  • EUF substainability and travel policies have been approved
  • Auditors might review also budgets of EUF sanctioned events
  • Swiss Federation investigates in fixing a weekend for a yearly tournament for national teams

Grazie e ciao


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