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Regional Bids for EUCF 2015 and EUCRs Dates


Dear European Ultimate Federations,


The CSC has fixed the number of bids each region has for the EUCF 2015 in Wroclaw and the dates of the EUCRs.


Region Open Bids 2015 (Elite+Challenger) Elite 2015
W 5 2
C 4 2
S 6 2
E 5 1
N 4 1
Waitinglist W,C,S,E,N  

Details of the bid allocation system applied to the EUCF 2014 results


Region Women Bids 2015
W 2
C 3
S 2
E 3
N 2
Waitinglist N,C,W,S,E

Details of the bid allocation system applied to the EUCF 2014 results


Region Mixed Bids 2014
W 2
C 2
S 2
E 4
N 2
Waitinglist S,W,C,N,E

Details of the bid allocation system applied to the EUCF 2014 results


West (Open, Women, Mixed): August 22-23 in Southampton (GBR)

North (Open, Women, Mixed): August 15-16 in Tallinn (EST)

Central (Mixed): August 22-23 in Eschende (NED)

Central (Open, Women): August 29-30 in Ghent (BEL)

South (Open, Women): August 29-30 in Bologna (ITA)

South (Mixed): August 22-23 in Madrid (ESP) 

East (Open, Women): June 26-28 in Sankt Pölten (AUT)

East (Mixed): August 29-30 in Velke Bilovice (CZE)

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The EUCF 2015 will take place in Wroclaw (POL) on Oct. 2nd-4th


EUCF 2015 will take place in Wroclaw (PL) from October 2nd to October 4th.

Teams are supposed to arrive on Thursday October 1st.
The venue is the same of the EYUC 2011 and offers 12 pitches at the same site.

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EYUC 2015 will take place in Frankfurt on August 3rd-8th


The EYUC 2015 in the divisions
  • U20 Open & Women (born on Jan 1st 1996 or after)
  • U17 Open & Women (born on Jan 1st 1999 or after)
will take place in Frankfurt Nied (same location as EUCF 2014 and 2012).
The Tournament will start on Monday August 3rd late afternoon with the opening cerimony and will end on Saturday August 8th evening. It is expected that most teams will travel back on Sunday August 9th.

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EUF supports EFDF in its EOC recognition process and for the participation of Ultimate in the European Games 2019


Ultimate is developing fast and WFDF and EFDF are making incredibly high efforts respectively at world and European level in getting recognition within the Olympic Committees.
EUF, as governing body for Ultimate within the EFDF, is directly affected by this process and is ready to actively shape the future of European Ultimate within the EOC family.
The EUC 2015 in Copenhagen will be a perfect show case event to convince the international sport community that Ultimate and Disc Sports are ready to be admitted into
the elite multi-sport events.
The EUF board is aware that adding more and more events will force a replanning of our calendar, probably also at world level, and that there is a certain risk that parties extern to Ultimate might try to change the game in order to make it better sellable.
For these reasons it is even more necessary that EUF, with its deep roots within the Spirit of the Game and Self-Refereeing and it visionary attitude, gets directly involve since from the beginning in this evolution process.
The EUF board officially offers its support in helping EFDF in its EOC recognition and in the application for having Ultimate at the European Games 2019.

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