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call for bidsfor the EUCF 2016


 Dear member federations 

The EUF officially opens the call for bids for the EUCF 2016.

Deadlines and requirements are here.

Please consider that only federations can bid or clubs/individuals with a letter of reference from a EUF member federation. 


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Invitation to the EUF General Assembly 2015 in Copenhagen on Tue July 28th


Dear European Ultimate Federations,

on Tuesday July 28th from 20:00 to 22:00 during the EUC2015 in Copenhagen, there will be the annual EUF general assembly, where at least 1 representative per federation is kindly invited to attend.

Below you can find the temporary agenda for the EUF General Assembly. Please feel free to add more topics within July 14th.


  1. Welcome of the EUF President
  2. Approval of the Agenda
  3. Short personal presentation of the participants (max. 15 min)
  4. Check of the participants list and certification of the quorum
  5. Report of the President about the EUF Board activities in 2014-2015 (max. 20 mins)
  6. Report of the Treasurer about the EUF capital situation (max. 10 mins)
  7. Report of the Auditors about the EUF capital situation (max. 5 mins)
  8. Discharge of the board from private liability
  9. Tool Topics
    1. UltimateCentral as Event Platform for EUF events
  10. EUC Topics
    1. EUF Event Participation Agreement
    2. EUF support of some countries
    3. AOB concerning National Team Championships
  11. EUCS Topics
    1. Roster Submission and Eligibility Checks
    2. Feedback how EUCR work in the regions
    3. AOB concerning Club Team Championships
  12. AOB (max. until 22:00)

 Please register your delegates in ultimatecentral

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EUC2015 Registration Process and Requirements


Dear Member Federations,

Dear Teams registered in the EUC 2015
Soon the Player’s Registration for the EUC2015 will be open.
There are some differences respect to the registration, which we would like you to be aware of, in order to have a quick process.
  • Each Participant must perform the registration for the EUC himself
  • The WFDF Rules Accreditation check will be dne online
  • Player’s Eligibility
  • WFDF Participation Agreement
  • Player’s Registration Status will be “pending”
  • Team Names and Team Icon on

PDF Version


Read Details ...

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Regional Bids for EUCF 2015 and EUCRs Dates


Dear European Ultimate Federations,


The CSC has fixed the number of bids each region has for the EUCF 2015 in Wroclaw and the dates of the EUCRs.


Region Open Bids 2015 (Elite+Challenger) Elite 2015
W 5 2
C 4 2
S 6 2
E 5 1
N 4 1
Waitinglist W,C,S,E,N  

Details of the bid allocation system applied to the EUCF 2014 results


Region Women Bids 2015
W 2
C 3
S 2
E 3
N 2
Waitinglist N,C,W,S,E

Details of the bid allocation system applied to the EUCF 2014 results


Region Mixed Bids 2014
W 2
C 2
S 2
E 4
N 2
Waitinglist S,W,C,N,E

Details of the bid allocation system applied to the EUCF 2014 results


West (Open, Women, Mixed): August 22-23 in Southampton (GBR)

North (Open, Women, Mixed): August 15-16 in Tallinn (EST)

Central (Mixed): August 22-23 in Eschende (NED)

Central (Open, Women): August 29-30 in Ghent (BEL)

South (Open, Women): August 29-30 in Bologna (ITA)

South (Mixed): August 22-23 in Madrid (ESP) 

East (Open, Women): June 26-28 in Sankt Pölten (AUT)

East (Mixed): August 29-30 in Velke Bilovice (CZE)

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