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Invitation to EUF Congress and Call for EUF Board Candidates 2014-2016


Dear European Ultimate Federations,

on Friday October 3rd from 20:00 to 22:00 during the EUCF in Frankfurt, there will be the annual EUF general assembly, where at least 1 representative per federation is kindly invited to attend.


We are looking for candidates for following positions:

  • EUF President
  • EUF Secretary
  • EUF Treasurer
  • 6 directors at large (chairing the Youth Committee, Spirit Committee, Development Committee, Championship Committees in Open/Women/Mixed/OpenMasters/WomenMasters)
  • 2 Finance Auditors



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Call for bids for EUCF2015


Dear Federations,

The European Ultimate Federation opens officially the submission of bids for the organization of following two tournaments:

  • the European Ultimate Championship Finals 2015 (EUCF 2015) in the divisions open, women and mixed.

The requirements and all deadlines for the competitions are in these documents.

Please use the EUF template for the submission of the budget.

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Colombia U17 participates in the Open European Youth Ultimate Champiomship


Dear EUF Member Federations,

After consultation with you in April about the request of Colombia U17 to participate in the EYUC U17 division in Lecco (see letter), the EUF board decided to accept this request.
The name of the U17 competition has been changed to Open European Youth Ultimate Championship (OEYUC).

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EUC2015 participation survey results and Women Masters division at the EUC2015


Dear EUF member federations

Thanks a lot for having taking part to the participation survey for the EUC2015.
24 federations sent us information, which is an amazing response rate!

according to the survey we expect between 70 and 80 national teams to come to Copenhagen and play on the 21 juicy pitches the venue offers.
This will make the EUC2015 the largest EUC event ever. As a comparison the EUC2011 hosted 50 teams.

We are also very excited about the response about the Women Masters division. More than half a dozen nations have serious plans to send a team in this division.

In order to better coordinate this new division, the EUF board appointed Valeska Schacht from Germany as Women Masters Coordinator for the EUC2015.

Please support her in easing the communication to your women Masters members and of course sending a women Masters team to Copenhagen.

really looking forward to enjoying this "Wonderful EUC" experience !

Grazie e Ciao
- EUF president -

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Regional Bids for EUCF 2014 and EUCRs Dates


Dear European Ultimate Federations,


The CSC has fixed the number of bids each region has for the EUCF 2014 in Frankfurth and the dates of the EUCRs.


Region Open Bids 2014 (Elite+Challenger) Elite 2014
W 6 2
C 5 1
S 5 3
E 4 1
N 4 1
Waitinglist C,W,E,N,S  

Details of the bid allocation system applied to the EUCF 2013 results


Region Women Bids 2014
W 2
C 3
S 2
E 2
N 3
Waitinglist C,W,S,E,N

Details of the bid allocation system applied to the EUCF 2013 results


Region Mixed Bids 2014
W 2
C 2
S 3
E 2
N 3
Waitinglist S,W,C,E,N

Details of the bid allocation system applied to the EUCF 2013 results


West (Open, Women, Mixed): August 23-24 in Southampton (GBR)

North (Open, Women, Mixed): August 23-24 in Stockholm (SWE)

Central (Mixed): August 23-24 in Eschende (NED)

Central (Open, Women): August 30-31 in Nürnberg (GER)

South (Open, Women): August 23-24 in Nantes (FRA)

South (Mixed): August 23-24 or August 30-31. Location still to be defined!

East (Open, Women): June 27-29 in Vienna (AUT)

East (Mixed): August 30-31 in Wroclaw (POL)

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