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XEUCF Financial Update + Refund Policy


Dear Ultimate Community 


As promised we send you an update about the XEUCF financial situation as well as the refund policy. This is the outcome of a very cooperative discussion between EUF and TOC, we are very happy to be able to work towards this big tournament. 

XEUCF financial details:



Team Fee

€ 1.000,00

Player Fee

€ 35,00

Guest Fee

€ 0

Dinner on Thursday (Pita)

€ 9,00

Dinner on Friday (Spaghetti)

€ 8,00

Dinner on Saturday (BBQ)

€ 15,00

Breakfast for all 4 days 

€ 16,00


This is the absolute maximum the tournament will cost for attendees. The more teams that are able to participate, the cheaper it will be. We will update you on the final cost of the Players Fee at the end of August. The fees may decrease, but it will not cost more than this.

XEUCF Refund Policy:


Team Fee 


Player Fee Refund

Food Order Refund

Tournament cancelled before 1st September


Not Applicable 

Not Applicable 

Tournament cancelled before 15th September




Tournament cancelled 1 week before start date




Team unable to attend due to their nation’s COVID regulations  before 29th August




Team unable to attend due to their nation’s COVID regulations after 29th August

Between 100% and 70%



Player unable to attend after Sept. 8th

Not Applicable




If EUCF is cancelled before September 1st, registered teams will receive 100% refund of the Team Fee.


If it is cancelled before September 15th, we will refund 90% of the Team Fee and 100% of the Player Fee.


If the tournament is cancelled with only one week's notice, we will refund 70% of the Team Fee and 100% of the Player Fee. We are awaiting confirmation about food order refunds in this situation and will update you as soon as we have the information. We will work together with TOC to get refunds from the government and reimburse teams even more.


If your team has to withdraw before August 29th due to travel restrictions, we will refund 100% of the Team Fee. After this date we will try to refund as much as possible.


With the clear aim of having balanced divisions and schedules, we can account for a minimum number of 48 teams. If the number of teams able to attend drops below 48, the tournament will be cancelled. 


Once we know how many teams have registered, we will update you on the Player Fee before the end of August, before the Player Fee is due (8th September).


Deadline for pre-registration from national federations is the 28th of July. It is key that we know how many teams will register, we don‘t need to know the name of the teams till the 8th September 


Please be aware that we are playing with:


  • Gender Pulling


  • Eurodiscs as game disc

You can read the full statement here: 


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Nemo: 


Grazie e ciao