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XEUCF Covid Measures


Covid Measures for the XEUCF

Dear Team,

These are the official Covid rules for the XEUCF.

Everyone is responsible to minimize transmission risk and act responsibly towards themselves and others. We expect police and city services will be present to check.


We still don't know how things might change in October, if rules change (for better or worse) we will inform you as soon as possible.

Health Officer TOC

Silke Nolf is the health officer for TOC and will keep this document updated. She will be in close contact with the health contact of each team (see next segment) and have a special Whatsapp group in order to inform teams as quickly as possible about situations at the tournament or Updates. Setting up a group communication system will be crucial for contact tracing in case of any player developing Covid-19 either during an event or within 14 days after returning home.


She will have access to the rosters and will help local authorities with contact tracing if needed. 


Silke Nolf: Health Officer +32 478 99 86 63

Felix ‘Nemo’ Nemec: Eventmanager EUF +436645372749

Boris Van de Loock: TOC +32495948424

Glenn Nolf: TOC +32 477 82 61 50

Health Administrator Team

All attending teams must appoint a Health Administrator in charge of registering and safeguarding the personal contact information of all their teammates for at least one month after the closure of the event. Contact information of the health administrator has to be sent before the tournament to TOC (see above). 

Furthermore, the Health Administrator is responsible for keeping clear communication with the TOC Health Officer regarding the aforementioned health and safety rules of the specific event. In case of any player developing Covid-19 either during an event or within 14 days after returning home, the Team Health Administrator must notify the TOC Health Officer immediately. 

It lies upon the Team Health Administrator to ensure that a teammate who develops Covid-19 during an event may be isolated and allowed safe return travel.



Travelling to and from the tournament can be a complicated series or requirements.
For general requirements by country, you can use the website


Everyone who travels to Belgium needs to complete the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) max 48h in advance. This can be done in an online form:


The city of Bruges also provides specific info in case of testing upon arrival or departure is necessary:

Note that RAT testing can be done in several pharmacies but mostly on appointments (and closed on Sundays)


PCR testing will be done only at the local test centre: Blankenbergsesteenweg 420, Bruges
The test centre only works by code. Your appointment code can be booked on:


PCR-testing can be done 7/7 between 9h-12h30 and 13h-17h. A PCR-travel test costs 55€ and can be paid on the spot in the test centre. You will receive your test result within 24 hours.


If you need a PCR test to go back to your home country, because you’re not (fully) vaccinated or your country requires this, you can also ask for a code to make a test on this website:

Arriving at the tournament:

The local guidelines are in place. You can find the local guidelines for travelling to the tournament here.



Are you travelling from a green or orange zone? You do not need to get tested or quarantined.



  • Are you travelling from a red zone in the European Union or from a red code non-EU white list country?
  • Do you have a vaccination or recovery certificate? You do not need to quarantine or get tested.
    • You don’t have a vaccination or recovery certificate?
    • You must do a PCR test maximum of 72 hours before you are in Belgium. This test must be negative.
    • On arrival in Belgium, you do not have to go into quarantine.
    • Children under the age of 12 do not have to get tested.
  • Colour code:
  • Outside of EU:
    • Every country that is not listed there is considered Red

Playing at the tournament

As long as the health ministry of Belgium allows contact, outdoor, team sport the tournament will continue. EUF/TOC will inform you if anything changes regarding the testing requirements to enter the pitch.


Keep in mind that a min amount of players is needed per division:
WFDF Rules Appendix B1.1


  • 12 in Women/Open



  • 6 per gender in Mixed

if you are unable to fulfil this requirement at the start of the game, your team has to withdraw from the game (each game will be evaluated individually)

Mask wearing

EUF recommends wearing a mouth-nose mask whenever you are not playing. The tournament central and all catering facilities (so also the second bar) will be face mask obligated zones for everyone who isn't seated. Indoors (tents, shops, toilets, showers) it is mandatory to wear a mask. 

Information sheets at all park entrances and key locations will inform people that if they cannot keep 1,5m distance from other people, they should wear a face mask. (e.g. if it gets too crowded wear a mask)

Teams can opt to play with masks if they feel more comfortable (also during streamed games). A team cannot force another team to play with masks. Captains and health administrators should inform the other team about their position on playing with masks.


Eurodisc Game Disc shall be disinfected after each game by the volunteers. Additional disinfectants are provided at key locations all over the venue and it is recommended to disinfect your hands at least before and after each game. 

If you don’t use the official Eurodisc Game Disc you must disinfect the used disc at the scorekeepers’ desk.

Social distancing

Please be sure to keep at least 1.5m distance to others if you do not play. This also includes Spirit circles - so no touching please (captains can stand next to each other for better understanding). Please prefer fist bumps and elbow bumps over high fives.


It is advised to form a bubble as a team and keep the contacts outside of that bubble to a minimum. 

People can sit at tables with max 8 people, tables need to be 1,5m apart from each other

Covid Case at the tournament


If a player feels symptoms during the tournament, they have to isolate themselves immediately and get a PCR test. This player must not continue the tournament as long as the result of the test is presented and they have recovered from the symptoms.


Upon the first realisation of symptoms, you must contact the Health Officer of TOC!

TOC will help you with the next steps to get tested. 


With a negative test but still having symptoms, players should remain isolated until recovered. 


With a positive test, players should isolate until 48 hours after recovery. This will be communicated by the health department of Belgium.


You can find a detailed guideline for testing here: 

TOC will inform the tournament about the situation without information about the person that has the symptoms but with the Name of the Team. EUF will help local authorities to notify people that were in close contact, directly.


Note, the infected individual has a right to confidentiality; EUF does not have the right to inform other attendees about who a symptomatic/positive individual is. 

Contact tracing/Close contacts

In case of a positive PCR test by the initial person, anyone who has been within 1.5 metres for 15 minutes (sharing a room/tent is considered a close contact) are considered close contacts requiring PCR testing on day 4 and 6 as well as isolation until both PCR tests are negative (if vaccinated isolation is not required). Close contacts cannot resume the tournament until negative PCR-test results are presented by themselves. 


EUF/TOC will update this scenario in accordance with the local health department. 


We must prioritise the safety of our attendees. Understandably, a team may decide that they do not want to compete against an opposing team that may be continuing to field close contacts of a positive individual. However, the team choosing not to compete will be agreeing to forfeit that game in the competition. EUF will not penalise a team for their player(s) choice. Captains have to inform the TOC of their situation.  

In case this might be a streamed game that is affected, TOC will change the game that is streamed. 


Showers are open and it is very important that the teams are sticking to the shower location and time plan. Generally, it is recommended that you shower at your accommodation.


A proper meal plan with time slots will be available and it is asked to stay within your team during the meal. 

All tables will be placed 1,5 metres apart from each other. We ask all players to respect that and don’t move tables around. All tables can have a maximum of 8 people around them. Chairs will be placed accordingly.  

In the tent and all indoor places, wearing a mask is obligatory when you’re walking around. While seated, you can take the mask off. 


The ceremonies will be short and EUF will hand each team the medals without putting them over your heads (See Olympic ceremonies). Pictures of your team can be taken without masks. Other than that please be sure to wear the mask during the ceremony. We will go through the ceremony after each final. 

Watching a game

Sidelines for finals/showcase games: when crowded, people will need to wear a face mask unless seated, players on the sidelines and coaches are exempted from this.

TOC will be placing extra 3m and 6m dotted lines on all field sidelines to indicate 3m player/coach line and 6m audience line to stay behind.

On the finals field, we will also add our oval stadium lines to keep the public a bit further away and increase visibility for all

All fields except the Livestream pitches will be moved to the side of the "football" pitch, to create extra warm-up space for teams on the far side of the field. the public should stay on the close side of these pitches in the audience zones.


All volunteers will be asked to check all health recommendations and address players if they’re not following these measures.