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Upcoming Train the Trainer Seminars - Winter 2018

 The next Seminar for the Trainer Certification Level 1 of the European Federation will be in Istanbul on Nov. 16-18 (register here) and in Madrid on Nov. 30 - Dec. 2 (register here).

The Train the Trainer Level 1 is targeted to Ultimate loving local sport club and school trainers/teachers and provides them with hands-on information, drills and concepts, that can be implemented in their own Frisbeesport group in their home town > Grass Roots development!  

The Session 1 consists of a 20 Unit Seminar where participants learn and apply the methodology, getting feedback from the head coaches.

The Session 2 consists of a 20 Units training-on-the-job part, where participants have to plan and run training sessions in their own town and periodically send the Head Coaches the training reports and reviews.

The final requirement for getting the EUF Trainer Level 1 certificate is the successful accomplishment of the WFDF rules knownledge accreditation - standard level.