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Train the Trainer Certificate - Seminars 2018

Dear European Ultimate Community


EUF launched in 2017 the Train the Trainer Certification Programme, with the goal to provide future trainers with a standardize methodology and a "tool-box" full of drills, tipps and tricks, so that they will able to do grass roots ultimate development in their communities in a high qualitative and efficient way. 
The drills and the methodology are not only focus on beginners, but can be used for the technical part of club trainings. 
The very first session and core element of the seminars is "how to train the Spirit of the Game", which is clearly usefull at all levels. 
For a time table of the EUF TtT Level 1 - Session 1 Programme, please look at the next seminar in Heidelberg (see details), where we warmly invite you to attend and are sure that there will be many interesting things to learn also for Trainers already certified by their national federation.
The Level 1 Curriculum consists in 2 seminars of 20 hours each. 
EUF plans following seminars in 2018:
Date Location TtT Level
April 20-22 2018 Heidelberg Level 1 - Session 1
May (exact date still tbd) Poland (exact location still tbd) Level 1 - Session 1
May (exact date still tbd) Riga (Latvia) Level 1 - Session 1
Oct.-Nov. (exact date still tbd) Istanbul Level 1 - Session 1
The EUF TtT Level 1 Certification programme, works in close connection with the EYUCamps 2018. In order to recieve the EUF Level 1 Trainer Certificate the EUF TtT practitioners will have to show their coaching skills during ones of the 7 EYUCamps in 2018 (see more details). 
EUF will give priority to EUF Level 1 Trainer and Practitioners when defining the staff to run the sport part of the EYUCamps.
Looking forward to helping you in your highly spirited grass root development!