Background ultimate federation

Tender for streaming partnership


Length of Contract: 2 years

Contract Start Date: (Jan) 2022

Contract End Date: (Dec) 2023

Deadline for Submitting Bids: 1st October 2021.


The European Ultimate Federation (EUF), governing body of Ultimate in Europe, was established in 2007 and is responsible for sanctioning and organizing national team competition as well as club competitions. With the recent strategy process in 2020 the EUF board and the task forces established a clearer sense of how to approach the streaming of EUF tournaments. 

The EUF is searching for a streaming partner for the next 2 years. With this document the EUF wants to reach companies that are specialized in streaming or hosting streams. It is acknowledged that this may require the use of subcontractors/ suppliers/ outsourced activities. As the EUF values transparency and would like to better understand the full scope of your operations, please ensure you indicate throughout the document how the work with third parties will look like. The aim of this document and process is to make the decision making transparent and give the opportunity to establish a great product.

How the document works

If you have questions, want to give feedback regarding the process/document, or would like to schedule a personal meeting to discuss anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out to If you want to apply, please contact Felix to get your personalized document to fill out your bid. 


Please note: this tendering process bears no relation to XEUCF 2021 and any answers provided in this document will have no impact on XEUCF 2021.

Be sure to submit your bid before the 1st of October, bids will not be accepted after the deadline. Bids will then be assessed and summarized for the EUF Board. Interviews will be conducted in October with the shortlisted bidders and details will be negotiated. The Board will decide on the winning partner and aim to have the contract ready by December.

Scope of work

The goal for the next two years is to cover the transition of the European Club Series, establish a European season (story telling) and acquire a bigger audience within the European Ultimate community. In order to achieve this, EUF is looking for partners to help make high quality tournaments accessible for all members within the Ultimate community, and work towards establishing a better and more engaging product (tournament and season).

The EUF will provide the list and location of matches to be streamed ahead of time, for partners to attend a minimum number of high-profile European tournaments (please see Time Schedule). These tournaments are divided into three categories, respective of their importance to the season/outcome. 

Benefits of working with EUF

As the EUF’s official streaming partner, you will get exclusive access to EUF events, which will lead to international exposure and recognition. Together, we will work towards an increased reach within the whole ultimate community as well as fans, friends and family of the players/teams being streamed. The company will be represented with their logo on EUF social media channels, EUF Homepage, Tournament websites as well as during the live coverage (including opening and closing video segments). EUF will highlight and promote the partnership with social media posts and banners featuring the streaming of the events. The partnership has the potential to lead to further additional projects (i.e. in order to develop ultimate across countries).

During tournaments EUF will organize up to two volunteers as primary helpers for the crew, plus additional volunteers for installing the set-up, if needed. EUF can guarantee the accommodation and meals for the crew. In terms of infrastructure at the tournament, EUF will highlight the requirements for streaming during the bid allocation for upcoming tournaments. 

Roles & Responsibilities for Streaming Partner

In this section, you will see our requirements as well as desirables. 


EUF requires a streaming partner that is able to: Provide their own equipment.

  • Provide minimum 2 person operated cameras per field: one top down aerial angle and one sideline camera.
  • Provide a Regie/Director.
  • Provide high quality streaming (720p+).
  • Provide set-up for 2 commentators.
  • Provide two separate audio lines: one for the field and one for the commentators. This is required to potentially provide a signal for TV.
  • Provide live transmissions and upload game footage to a user friendly platform.


To benefit both parties, EUF would like to actively work together towards increasing viewership. Therefore a streaming partner should be able to engage in ongoing collection of viewership data as well as provide post-event summaries and strategic insights. In this regard (and if possible) an annual overview of Video on Demand would also be desirable. 

It is acknowledged that the exclusivity and access to viewing the stream is very much depending on the respective business model. Nevertheless the EUF wants to have an understanding of the potential to give or sell a signal/footage to TV companies outside of the ultimate community.

Throughout the contract it is required to ensure constant storage of any uncut and post-produced material in a curated footage archive. Within one year of the contract end date, any live-footage produced by the partner at an EUF event or post produced highlights should be accessible and available to EUF for unlimited usage and publishing. The EUF is open to discuss the handling of potential other products (i.e. documentaries). 

It is important for the EUF to have a coordinated and well-rounded communication strategy with the partner. This includes pre-tournament announcements, tournament results as well as post-tournament segments on social media and more traditional communications (i.e. email and homepage). 


Both parties have access and right to use and publish any highlight reel produced for an EUF event. EUF would require a minimum number of highlight reels per tournament, according to the type of tournament (please see Time Schedule for key): 

  • Mandatory tournaments: 
    • 1 summary video per division per day
    • Tournament summary (top 10 highlights per division)

  • Mandatory tournaments: 
    • 1 summary of all games per day (equal screen time per gender)
    • Tournament summary (top 5 highlights per division)
  • Desirable tournaments: 

    • 1 summary of all games per day (equal screen time per gender)

Time Schedule

These are the tournaments planned for the duration of the contract. 

2 fields mandatory / 1 field mandatory / desirable, but not mandatory

  • 2022
    • March 17-20 (4 days): EUIC Herning, DEN

    • April 16-18 (3 days): Elite Invite Bologna, ITA

    • April 29- March 1 (3days): EMUCC (TBC)

    • July/August (5-7 days): U17 Euros (TBC)

    • August/September (2-3 days): min. 5x EUCR (Regions W, N, C, S, E)

    • September 29 - October 2 (4 days): EUCF Caorle, ITA

  • 2023

    • April (3 days): Elite Invite Bologna, ITA

    • April (2 days): Spring Invite (TBC)

    • July (6-7days): EUC (TBC)

    • August (6 days): U20 Euros (TBC)

    • August/September (2-3 days): min. 5x EUCR (Regions W, N, C, S, E)

    • October (3-4 days): EUCF (TBC)

    • October (4-6 days): EMUC (TBC)



Here is a list of desirables that the EUF came up with in order to fulfill additional goals. 

  • Additional walking camera (for interviews, or to be used in promo videos & to capture the tournament feeling)
  • Post-produced tournament after-movies & promos
  • SOTG video highlights
  • Making SOTG discussion hearable during the stream (e.g. close access to Spirit circle)

  • Video on demand game summaries (fewer breaks)

  • Team highlights as preparation for tournaments/seasons (promotional content for story telling)

  • Experience with game/team statistics to include on screen for streamed games

    • Assist, goal, offence points, defence points, blocks (i.e. Ultianalytics)
    • Real-time collection (for streamed games)
  • Commentator management 

    • Communicate with and manage existing commentator list
    • Equitable distribution for tournaments/games
    • Final sign-off for commentators with EUF
  • Sellable segments (in coordination with EUF, e.g. Pepsi Halftime summary, FiveUltimate replay etc.)



  1. Please provide a summary of your organization and its background.
  2. Finances 
    1. Please indicate what your costs incurred per stream (i.e. one field/ one game) would be, budget provided by Partner, and required cost distribution between EUF and Partner.
    2. Business Model (please provide details of content distribution e.g. subscription/paywalls etc).

    3. Please indicate all the subcontractors/suppliers/outsourced activities required for your operations.

  3. Streaming

    1. What requirements do you have for the infrastructure at the tournaments?

    2. Which platforms would you use for live content distribution & video on demand?

    3. Please give us examples (links/video files) of your previous work and the broader context of that production. Tell us about the setting and why you think this is the product we need. 

  4. Services

    1. What would a joint marketing effort for one event look like from your perspective (timelines, platforms, media etc.)?

    2. Do you have experience with sellable segments? If so, please explain how this process currently works, the infrastructure you are using, and who is responsible for attracting sponsors.

  5. Desirables

    1. Are there any additional services you’d be able/willing to provide?

  6. Values

    1. Diversity and Equity considerations

      1. Please outline how you currently promote Gender Equity either across your company or through your work. If selected as an EUF partner, in what ways would you help promote Gender Equity

      2. Please outline how you currently promote Diversity either across your company or through your work. If selected as an EUF partner, in what ways would you help promote Diversity

    2. Sustainability How do you plan to travel to the tournaments (e.g. by plane / access local film crews)? Also please provide an overview of your equipment’s life cycle (e.g. rented / second hand / part of circular economy).

Scoring system

This is the scoring sheet where you can see the different weighting of the topics above. According to your provided answers and explanations we will assess them on a scale from 0-5 (5 beeing 100%). This System shall help us determine the candidates for additional interviews.