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Surveys about potential changes in the European Ultimate Championship Series

Dear Ultimate European Community

During the EUF General Assembly in Györ in summer 2019 the EUF set in place a working group with the goal of analyzing the actual size and format of the European Ultimate Championship Series and to make suggestions how it should evolve.

One of the reccommadations, the increase of the teams in the women division from 12 to 16 at the EUCF, has already been implemented.

In order to take sound decisions about other middle term potential changes, the EUCS Format Committee and the EUF Board would kindly ask you to fill in these 2 surveys (10 questions each to be answered in few minutes) within Nov. 30th.

Adjustments of the EUCF general Format and Division Sizes

Adjustments of the EUCS Men division and multiple leagues

Thanks a lot for your feedback and sharing your feedback