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Spirit of the game for the EUCS

Dear teams participating in the EUCS ,

Following weekend the first EUCR will be played in Maribor, which will define the 4 open and 2 women teams from the east region, which will play at the EUCF in Frankfurt end of September. All the other regionals will be played end of August.

The various tournaments webpages are under

They will be updated by the TDs on a regular base.

On this occasion I would like to stress again how important it is that you correctly fill in and promptly hand in the spirit sheets. In order to have the Spirit Scoring System work well, it is essential that teams score in a similar way (e.g. “good” = 2).

This is a wonderful way, beyond the spirit circle, to get and give feedback to your opponent.

Help your opponent to identify the areas where they, in your perspective, should improve!

As very basic step, please make sure that all your teammates read and understand the WFDF Rules of Ultimate and their Official Interpretation.

Latest at the captains' meeting you will also be asked to elect the members of the Tournament Rules Group (TRG) for that tournament.

If you really have difficulties in giving direct feedback to your opponent, the TRG might help finding a fair solution.

The cumulative spirit results will be published at the end of the tournament.

Teams that repeatedly show bad spirit during the tournament or during the whole EUCS will be asked for explanations by the TRG or directly by the EUF-board, that might consider farther steps.


Let's enjoy together the EUCS, with many hard-fought and best-spirited games!

for the EUF-Board and the CSC


- EUF President -