Background ultimate federation

Results EUF Board Election 2016-2018

Dear Member Federations

the new Board EUF have been elected during the General Assembly in Frankfurt on Sept. 30th 2016.

  • President: Andrea "Oddi" Furlan (ITA)
  • Secretary: Alia Ayub (GBR)
  • Treasurer: Ted Beute (NED)


  • Youth: Chris Dehnhardt (GER)
  • Spirit: Dario Lucisano (ITA)
  • Women: Jarna Kalpala (FIN)
  • Mixed: Haude Hermand (FRA)
  • Open: Luca Miglioretto (SUI)
  • Education&Professionalisation: Marc Michael "Schlumpf" Huber (AUT)

Meeting Minutes

The General Assembly found that it is worth it to cooperate with in order to a have regual broadcast of ultimate tournaments throughout the year.

Similarly to netflix, the user must subscribe monthly to watch any program on fanseat. It's possible to suspend the subscription for various months and reactivate it when there are tournaments that are interesting to watch. The streaming material stays online for various months.

EUF is looking for tournaments (outdoor, indoor, beach, ...) in various periods of the year that want to get live streamed by fanseat for free!
We will collect until middle of November 2016 applications to be put into the funseat program 2017.
EUF will prepare in the next days a summary of the requirements a tournament must fullfil in order to be able to be broadcasted by and generally how it works.

The Finnish federation has already worked in the past with Elisa, the large finnish TV company behing EUF worked with them in Frankfurt and Copenhagen.
Just to let you better understand their professionality, they flew in 2 persons from Helsinki to Frankfurt the day before the EUCF just for few hours to check that the TV-Crew and Infrastructure were suitable for their needs!