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Request for Proposal: EUF Sponsor and Official Apparel / Merchandise Supplier – season 2018

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The European Ultimate Federation (EUF), the governing body for the sport of Ultimate in Europe is looking for a Merchandise Partner for the Season 2018

Following Events are planned during 2018
  • 1-3 EUF Train the Trainer Camps in Spring: 2 days – about 20-30 attendees
  • 6-7 EYUCamps for Juniors and EYUCups for Junior National Teams in Summer: Camps will have a length of 3-4 days. Attendance will vary between 50 and 200 participants. EYUCups will be held after some of the EYUCamps in the same facilities. Attendance is expected to be between 100 and 250 players.
  • EUCRs in 5 different Regions of Europe in Summer: 2-3 days – between 150 and 300 players per Tournament
  • EUCF in Wroclaw on Oct. 5-7 2018: 3 days - 1000 Elite Players


EUF plans to broadcast at least 1 EUCR and the EUCF 2018 over the sport streaming platform .     


EUF would need a partner for the Apparel of
  • All Certified EUF Trainers and Support Staff at the EYUCamps – about 10-15 Persons per EYUCamp
  • The Toc and Support Staff at the EUCF in Wroclaw – about 10 persons in the ToC and 30 Support Staff
  • The EUF Train the Trainer Coaches and Participants – about 10 Coaches and 60 Participants


In your proposal please provide
  • A description of your organization and your goals, including your experience with Official Merchandise, event sponsorships, and other apparel partnerships
  • A brief description of your products
  • A list of benefits you will provide to the EUF, including a financial offer
  • A list of benefits you expect the EUF to provide to your organization
  • Testimonials from other event organizers if available


Bids should be sent to the EUF Board ( within February 28th 2018