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Request for Proposal: Broadcast production, Video Production, Live-Stream production @EUCF2016

Hello friend in Ultimate,

The European Ultimate Federation in cooperation with the TOC of EUCF 2016 in Frankfurt  is currently seeking bids from companies wishing to cooperate with the European Ultimate Championship Finals 2016 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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Official Live-stream / TV-Broadcast production

Supplier for the EUF 2016 European Ultimate Championship Finals (EUCF) to be held September 30 –  October 02, 2016 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Selected company or companies will receive the exclusive opportunity to produce, sell and distribute all Live-stream / Video on Demand (VoD) and TV-Broadcast footage from the event.

No other company will be permitted to produce or broadcast any footage in principle, whilst the European Law Media Directives and Laws must be respected (including the public media short report rights) affiliated with the event and related host community names and tournament dates. (Please note that this exclusivity does not include photography and technical filming produced by EUF for promotion or teams for private use).

Further details to assist you in your proposal are listed below.  We kindly request your proposal to be submitted to us no later than August 01, 2016. It is anticipated that a final decision on selected company will be reached within two weeks of bid deadline based on a joint review and selection process by the EUF.  

Event Details

Dates:                   September 30 –  October 02, 2016

Location:               Polo field Georgshof, Frankfurt (Germany)

Event Website:

Host:                     RoPe Sports - Robert Pesch

divisions:              Open, Women's, Mixed,

participants:          approximately 900 players

Background:          EUCS is a yearly european club team event with EUCR (Regionals) and EUCF (Finals), established in 2006. The tournament is held in Frankfurt for the 3rd time after 2012 and 2014.

Event Description:

A 3 day tournament with all games hosted at the polo fields and football fields of the city of Frankfurt within walking distance.

Facilities will include an Ultimate Plaza including merchandising and vendors area, and areas for players to lounge.

All fields will be within walking distance from the Ultimate Plaza. Final games will be held on October 02, 2016 at the main field at SG Nied or maybe at a nearby stadium.

The 2016 European Ultimate Championship Finals (EUCF) should be accessible by media for the greatest audience possible. We pursue a policy that involves a number of media platforms to showcase the event locally and internationally to be used by the selected company.  A local and national broadcasting possibility will be pursued, along with live streaming of the event on dedicated viewers as negotiated with the partner.

Official Live-stream / TV-Broadcast production – Bid Requirements

EUF is seeking a proposal from you that includes parts of the following. Please copy and paste and describe in your bid just that points what you are able to deliver. You can bid on the following individual or common.

1)     Video Production:

a)     Production of an event teaser of minimum 90 secs. for promotional purpose at least 6 weeks before the event.

b)    Full footage to be delivered on DVD after the event for promotional purpose and usage by EUF for free.

c)     Production of a highlight video of minimum 240 secs. for promotional purpose and echoing the overall event immediately after the event.

d)    Production of DVD from the event as a highlights DVD

e)     Proposal should including graphics, repeated shots and commentary.

f)     Proposal should include Interviews with players.

g)    Please indicate

i)      the number of cameras

ii)     the qualitiy of your service: Recommended is HD resolution, 720p, 16:9, convert to bitrate 3000 Kbps - Sound 5.1.

iii)    the number of commentators

h)     Proposual should include the sales price of the different items that your are supposed to offer.

i)      Proposual should include a minimum sales commission of no less than 20% on gross sales of all official event live-stream and TV Broadcast footage until  12 month after the tournament. A minimum commission guarantee is highly recommended but not required for consideration.  

j)      Proposual should include all requirements that you need from the TOC.

2)     Please provide a breakdown of options with different pricing in a range from a minimum of 1 camera setup on one field filming 4 games/day, including all finals, a 2 field coverage including a multiple camera setup at showcase field up to a 5 cameras scenario incl. crane and walking camera on several fields. Your proposal may include a minimum, mid-size and maximum set up showing costs.

3)     Provision or camera operators, producers and other staff as described by the partner.

Official Live-stream / TV Broadcast Partner – Benefits

1)     Exclusive Livestream, VoD and TV Broadcast rights for all official event parts - to be specified by the partner.

2)     Recognition as the Official Media Partner of 2016 European Ultimate Championship Finals (EUCF), including but not limited to:

a)     Logo placement and link to your web site from each page of the tournament website.  

3)     Opportunity to place up to six (up to 4 foot x 8 foot sized) banners at key sites throughout the venue. Official Media Partner will produce banners at its own cost.  

4)     A minimum 6 m x 6 m media area that is covered and includes regular power (220V service), 4 tables and 4 benches. Tent will be placed in a mutually agreed upon site that provides optimal access to athletes and spectators and that provides preference to all other vendors.

Additional Items that may be included and will enhance Bid Consideration

·         Information that outlines your past experience in providing such media services to events of this nature.  

·         A financial contribution to the event to reduce player costs as sponsorship.

Our Tournament Organizing Committee is dedicated to building an athlete-focused championships that will be remembered for years to come. With that said, we also hope that you will produce a media experience that will be of interest to the Flying Disc community and new audiences.  If you have any questions prior to submission please do not hesitate to contact us!


EUF Board


please copy your bid also to TOC of EUCF2016: robert.pesch@gm