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Registration for the EMUCC in Wroclaw on May 6th-8th 2022 is open and closes on Dec. 19th

The EUF hereby opens the registration for the European Masters Ultimate Club Championships (EMUCC). 

With the great support and registration numbers that we saw for WMUCC, we want to give the master+ divisions a great season with both an european and a world championship to compete in. 
Especially considering that most of the high profile tournaments in Spring 2022 will be completely booked by the WUCC teams, we expect that most of the European WMUCC Teams will attend the EMUCC to be in best form for the Master’s Worlds as well.
We have selected a venue that can coop with a large number of teams, so it is not planned to have any restrictions on the number of teams a nation is allowed to send in each division. If the numbers are skyrocketing we might need to cap the numbers at some point. We will keep you updated about that.
Date: 6.-8.5.2022
Location: Wroclaw, Poland
Adama Mickiewicza 58, 51-684 Wrocław, Polen
Teamfee: 500€ due for 19.12.
Players Fee: TBD


Bank Account:
Account owner: Duch Gry - Stowarzyszenie Rozwoju Ultimate 
IBAN: PL52 1140 2004 0000 3712 0623 5503 
Masters: Mixed (W 30+, M 33+), Open (M 33+), Women (W 30+)
Grand Masters: Mixed (W 37+, M 40+), Open (40+), Women (W 37+)
Great Grand Masters: Mixed (W 45+, M 48+), Open (M 48+), Women (W 45+)
(The age in brackets is the minimum age on Dec. 31st 2022)


In general we are happy to provide all the divisions their place to compete, our minimum number for teams to create a separate division is 4 Teams. 
Example: There are 4 teams in the GM-Women division + 2 Teams in the GGM-Women division. These two divisions will be combined so that 6 teams are playing against each other. 
Registration on Ultimate Central:
Please register your team at the Ultimate central event here: 
Registration Deadline: 19.12.2021
Cancellation details
We are able to cancel the event without financial risk until 3 months before the event (Feb 2022). Please be sure to consider that when you are booking your accommodation.
TOC is happy to help with some preliminary reservations. Let us know in the google form what preferences you have and if you need help with the accommodation. 


If you have questions about the tournament don’t hesitate to reach out to us: 


We are looking forward to seeing you in Wroclaw!