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Overview Deadlines EUCS 2016 in the East Region

Dear East Region Teams


As you know, because of the early World Championship, this year we have the unfortunate situation that the EUCR-E mixed will be played before the EUCR-E open+women.

This forces players, whose focus is actually on open+women and have mixed rather as back up, to take a decision in which division they want to play before the EUCS season starts!


The eligibility rules say that, players can be placed only on 1 team roster, but they lose their roster if they team does not qualify ( This is why players could play last year in the open+women division in June and then, since they did not qualify for EUCF, could also attend the EUCR-E mixed end of August.


Some teams also asked if it would be possible to play the EUCR-E mixed as tyro team out of competition, so that their players can still play open+women.


This is not possible for more reasons:

1.    First of all, the EUCR-E is primarily there as selection for the European Club Championship. Every Nation earns the right to send some teams, according to a well defined system. It is not done so that good teams have a high-level tournament and then decide to pull out from the EUCS in that division.

2.    Having (good) teams playing out of competitions makes almost impossible to make a good schedule that gives all teams, that want to advance, a fair chance.

3.    The EUCQ in Sardice is just 2 weeks after the EUCR-E Mixed. The organization must know already in April the teams that will attend.


In order to avoid a roster chaos we have following registration and eligibility rules this year:

·         all teams interested in playing in the EUCS (CEL) and/or in a EUCR-E must submit their rosters for all divisions within April 22nd . A player may just be on one single roster. This is the list of the links where teams must register:

o    Mixed teams:

o    CEL Open+Women Teams:

o    Austrian, Ukraine, Belarus Open+Women teams:

·         The list of bids each nation initially has is in the ultimatecentral pages above.

·         all players on the roster of the 4 Mixed teams that qualify for the EUCF, will NOT lose their roster. In this way the EUCR-E mixed remains a tournament for teams and players that have mixed as priority.

·         After the EUCR-E mixed (between May 9th and May 18th) the rosters for open+mixed teams will be reopened to allow players that did not qualify to be added to teams registered in these divisions. These will NOT be counted as additions as in the eligibility rules ( After May 19th all additional players will fall under the limits defined in the eligibility rules.

·         After the EUCQ in Sardice, the qualified teams will register for the EUCR-E Open+Women in St. Pölten. The basic roster must be the same as for the EUCQ with the allowed additions.


This is the summary of the deadlines:




April 8th

registration deadline for EUCR mixed (all nations), EUCQ open/women (CEL Nations), EUCR open+women (AUT, BLR, UKR)

April 15th

deadline for the national representatives to send the team rankings.

April 22nd

Roster freeze for all divisions.

April 22nd

Teamfee payment deadline for both EUCR mixed and EUCQ o/w.
Teams, which will be trying both, must pay the EUCQ to make sure they really will be going to EUCQ. In case of qualification in Mixed the Teamfee will be refunded.

May 7th-8th

EUCR mixed in Velke Bilovice

May 9th-16th

EUCQ registration for teams from the waiting list replacing teams that qualified to EUCR mixed. Teams may extend their rosters with players from not-qualified mixed teams.

May 21st-22nd

EUCQ-NW (CEL) Open+Women in Sardice

May 23rd-June 6th

EUCR-E Open+Women Registration for teams that qualified from the EUCQ-NW (CEL)

June 30th

Teamfee payment deadline for EUCR-E Open+Women

Aug. 26th-28th

EUCR-E Open+Women in in St. Pölten


Grazie e ciao



-ad interim regional representative -