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New EUCS Calendar 2020: No EUCRs but extended EUCF (xEUCF) in Bruges on Oct. 1-4 (if conditions allow)

 Dear European ultimate community,

These are strange times, times that ask for new measures.

Given the fact that in a lot of European countries the special COVID-19 regulations have been prolongued, prohibiting big events until the 1st of September, and we don't know when team sports like ultimate are allowed again, the EUF board finds it very unlikely that the EUCR's, due end of August, will be possible. So rather than keeping everyone guessing, we decided to cancel all EUCR's for this year.

However, we still have high hopes that later in 2020 sports will be possible again. Begin October we have EUCF, but in close consultation with the TOC in Bruges, we are now planning an extended version of EUCF. This so-called xEUCF would be played over 4 days in stead of 3, and have bigger divisions. Bruges can harbor upto 32 Open, 20 Women's and 20 Mixed teams !

The idea is to allot bids to countries directly. For that we'll look at the history of club teams per country over the last 4 years at EUCF. Besides EUF wants to cater for every interested national federation to have at least one team present in Bruges. How national federations give those allotted spots to their club teams is totally upto them, but without any real possibility to have a qualifier tournament, it seems quite logical to use last year's championships' outcomes.

EUF will setup a pre-registration in June and making decisions about a final team list in July. Then 1st of August we have set ourselves a deadline for the final decision. After that date teams still have two months to prepare and it would also mean two months for the TOC and its crew to get ready. Payments will only be made after that date too.

But, be aware that by the deadline date a lot must have changed. To make a positive final decision, in most European countries teams should be able to -at least- practice together. There should be a reasonable possibility to fly to other countries or crossing the border by car come October, and of course by October people should be allowed to play games again.

Still, with this great idea we strive to give the (elite) European community hope at a happy ultimate ending !