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Mixed Gender Ratio Rule B at EUF events 2019

Dear Member Federations and European Ultimate Community
WFDF announced last year that the WFDF National Team Events from 2019 (EBUC and WU24 in 2019, WUGC and WJUC in 2020) will use the Mixed Gender Ratio A (prescribed ratio rule). Club Championships are so far explicitly excluded. 
In order to keep the mixed Ratio consistent over all EUF sanctioned events (Club and National Team) in the season 2019, the EUF board decided to keep the mixed gender ratio B - Endzone decides - for all events: EUC2019, EYUC2019, EMUC2019 and the whole EUCS2019.
A change to the Ratio A will happen once the WFDF Rule committee will include also the Club Championships.