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The EUF is pleased to announce Luckygrass as the official apparel and merchandise partner for the 2019 season.

Following a year where both EUF and Luckygrass had to get acquainted to each other, we now prolong the contract we had with Luckygrass in 2018. We are confident that both parties have learned from each other and that the cooperation for this year 2019 will be very successfull. The partnership with Luckygrass will reach its summits during the four big events that EUF will organize during the year, being EUC in Györ, EYUC in Wroclaw, EUMC in Madrid and EUCF in Caorle. Already during registration players will be able to order Luckygrass products related to the event, besides Luckygrass will be present with a booth during these tournaments.
EUF President Andrea Furlan says:
“After a first year of successfull cooperation, it was a no-brainer for EUF to succeed our partnership with Luckygrass. Their presence at all big EUF sanctioned events will include a merchandizing offer for the participants. But we are quite certain that not only the European elite players will benefit from this mutual agreement, because through our partnership also regular clubs in whole Europe are able to get reduced rates for their outfits.”
Luckygrass International Manager Dima Podolskiy says:
“Luckygrass has been producing sports gear since 2011 and from the beginning the European market has been very important for us. That’s why we are very happy to continue as the merchandizing partner of the European Ultimate Federation and help ultimate development around Europe. Since almost all our office employees are ultimate players, we know how important it is to look good and feel comfortable on the field, but don’t spend a lot of money on this. That’s why we are happy to offer a 25% discount to all teams that will participate at European championships. We are also happy to support the young generation and provide a 25% discount for youth teams and players under 18 years old.”
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