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Launch of the new EUF web page

Dear European Ultimate Community,

The EUF is proud to launch its new web page.

We would like to thank the following person for having made this possible:

  • Jose Pires (FFDF), Myriam Bonne (Freezzz Beezzz Brugge), the Austrian Frisbee Sport Federation (ÖFSV) and Martin Hörmandinger for the background pictures.
  • Miha Slekovec (SLO) for designing the new EUF logo
  • Paolo Pizzuti ( for the graphic layout of the web page
  • Daniele Bellinzani ( and Lorenzo Cadamuro ( for the technical implementation of the CMS system.
  • Thomas Griesbaum for the Webhosting and System Administration.

One of the services that the new web page implements is a standard EUF-Tournament template.

All EUF sanctioned tournaments will receive a dedicated space and URL within the domain, where all necessary information can be administrated by the Tournament Directors themselves in a standardized way. Of course the system is flexible enough to allow specific banners, logos, sponsors, etc.

TDs of an EUF sanctioned tournament are kindly asked to get in touch with the EUF-Board for the technical details.

We are happy to receive feedback.


Grazie e ciao


- EUF Chairperson -