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Invitation to the EUF general assembly 2012 and call for candidates

Dear EuropeanUltimate Federation Members!


This is the formal invitation to the first general assembly after the constitution of the EUF as legal entity.
It will take place in Frankfurt on Friday September 28th during the European Ultimate Championship Finals 2012.
The exact location and begin time will be communicated few weeks before the tournament.

The general assembly is the most important ruling body of the federation.
Please read carefully the §9 and §10 of the bylaws for details about its role, its duties and the voting system.

Please send additions to the agenda within September 21st. After this date, the issue will still be put on the agenda under "any other business", but no voting can be done on it.

The main goals of this general assembly is to provide you more details about the benefits and duties of the EUF as legal entity, about the roles as defined in the bylaws and finally to officially election the EUF board.

With this document, the EUF officially opens the call for candidates for all board positions and for the financial auditors.

These are the positions according to the bylaws:


  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Spirit Coordinator
  • Youth Coordinator
  • Master Coordinator
  • Mixed Coordinator
  • Women Coordinator
  • Open Coordinator


  • Auditor 1
  • Auditor 2

Please notice that the first three board positions and the two auditors are mandatory. Without them no legal entity can exist.

All candidates are kindly requested to send their application to providing the following information:

  • Surname
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Nationality
  • Permanent address
  • Position you are running for
  • References from your national federation

Your data will be kept confidential and will be transmitted in case of election to the Austrian Sport Association Governing Body.


  1. Benefits and duties of EUF as legal entity
  2. Welcome of the chairman, check of the participant list and certification of the quorum
  3. approval of the Agenda
  4. short personal presentation of the participants
  5. Explanation of the bylaws, of the roles and of the duties of the various federation bodies
  6. Report of the President about the EUF Board about activities in 2011-2012
  7. Report of the Treasurer about the EUF capital situation
  8. Report of the Auditors about the EUF capital situation
  9. Discharge of the board from private liability
  10. Presenation of EUF board and auditor candidates for the period 2012-2013
  11. EUF Board and auditors elections
  12. AOB