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EYUC2019 - Wroclaw Aug. 10-17 2019

Dear EUF members, dear European, Ultimate junior players and organizers,
EUF is pleased to announce EYUC:
 EYUC in Wroclaw, August 10-17 2019
This will most likely be the largest European ultimate championships ever, bigger than EUC, as we expect 60+ teams. With the strong growth in junior ultimate, it will also very likely be the last time we can hold all 4 divisions (U17 women and open; U20 women and open) together, for the sheer size.

EYUC will be played on 2 locations: the well known Pola Marsowe fields around the Olympic stadium (EYUC 2011, EUCF 2015 and 2018, WJUC 2016, WG 2017) and at Olawka fields. We will have 14 natural grass fields and 5 astroturf fields at those locations, and another 5 astroturf fields in
 reserve.The same experienced TOC is running the tournament. Many thanks to them!

After the last six EYUC in western Europe, EUF felt the strong need to go further east, where plenty of new national teams have formed over the past years, but without the finacial capacity to travel far. High on our list was Debrecen (HUN), but unfortunately the local football academy pulled out so we were lacking fields. Wroclaw stepped in as the only central / east location, and also with an excellent bid at
 moderate costs.Many thanks to the Debrecen TOC and to Italy, also offering to host!
There are plenty of different accomodation options available at short distance to the fields, at low costs. More details will be out in the fall. 

In 2016, prior to EYUC, we held EYUCup in Debrecen. This was a 4 day youth national team event, which was attended by many teams that were not yet ready to attend a full EYUC. Moreover some other teams used it as a preparation for EYUC. For 2019, more regions may do this; south west and north east have already expressed their interest in holding an EYUCup prior to EYUC.