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European Ultimate Federation is a legal entity in Austria

The EUF board is happy to inform its members and the whole European Ultimate community, that the process started in Maribor on July 31st, 2011 during the EUF Congress, with the decision to officialize the legal position of the European Ultimate Federation has finally reached a successful end.

The Austrian government officially recognized the international sport association with the name "europäischer ultimate Sport Verband (European ultimate Federation)" and seat in Guntramsdorf (town 10kms from Vienna).

According to the Austrian law the board must be officially elected within one year of creation of the federation.

This is why we must hold again an election with the official bylaws at the EUCF2012 in Frankfurt.

Even though the actual board was not elected with the bylaws, as long as the election hasn't taken place it is legitimate to act within the bylaws.

Being some positions vacant, like the financial auditors, or run ad-interim by a board member elected in an other role, like secretary / women coordinator and spirit coordinator / open coordinator, which are covered by the same persons, the EUF is urgently looking for volunteers who want to support the work of the federation.

Being a legal entity the board and all volunteers working for the EUF are not personally suable.
As a comparison, the Austrian law treats sport associations similar to Limited (liable) Companies with the important difference that no initial capital has to be brought in and the board, because it consists of volunteers, can hardly be made responsible for mistakes like in accounting or such, as long as no negligence or intention can be proven.

The official bylaws in German and a translation in English can be found on the EUF Website.


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