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EUMCC preregistration is open until Feb. 15th 2017

Dear masters players! 
Finally it's time to show yourselves and the others, that time has passed, ‎but the spirit and the joy to play together with your teammates are still the same as in our 20ies !
The European Ultimate Masters Club Championship in the divisions open masters, women masters and mixed masters will take place in Frankfurt from Sat. August 12th to Tue. August 15th.
The exact venue (football fields from the city or polo fields in Nied) will be determined once we have a better estimation of the number of teams attending.
‎In order to do this we need you to preregister until Feb. 15th. Please do it also if your team is still unsure to have enough players.
Since there are almost no masters national Championships and stable masters Club teams we will accept the confirmation of the national federations that the teams fulfill the eligibility rules
Once  the approximate number ‎of participants is defined, we'll be able to finalize the budget and fix the fees. 
Thanks a lot for your cooperation and looking for to see the great masters-spirit on and off the pitch!
Ciao Oddi 
- the older I get, the better I was -