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EUF Survey "Train the Trainer and Youth Ultimate Culture Camps 2018 implementation"

Hello European National associations,


We kindly ask you to answer this form ( by Feb. 15th in order to help the EUF Youth and the Education & Development Committees to reach their goals in 2017 and 2018.



Here a short summary of the plans of the Youth Committee together with the Education and Development Committee for the next several years. Thank you for your assistance in the past and future as we try to support grass roots Ultimate development throughout Europe.


The EUF Youth Committee has been organizing the European Youth Ultimate Championships (EYUC) for many years now as an annual event. The goal was to encourage the participation of as many nations and juniors as possible while offering a high level of play for the national teams.

The future

We have now made the decision to host the EYUC as a bi-annual event on uneven years - there will be no EYUC in the same year as the World Junior Ultimate Championships (WJUC). The next EYUC 2017 will be in Veenendaal, Netherlands on the 5th to the 11th of August 2017. In addition, one or two smaller tournaments and training programs are to be hosted in Debrecen, Hungary and possibly in Tallinn, Estonia in early July to encourage the participation and development of emerging and new national youth organizations in Eastern Europe.


The EUF Youth Committee would like to move from supporting only the top junior players on national teams to supporting all junior Ultimate players throughout Europe. Starting in 2018 we plan to host regional “Youth Ultimate Culture Camps” for all players and foster their development.
The first Train the Trainer (see below) events are planned for 2017 in Debrecen and possibly in Tallinn.

Train the Trainer Program (TtT)

The EUF Educational and Development Committee is planning to create a "Level One Training program" which will be developed starting this year at the Debrecen (and possibly in Tallinn) event.

Middle Term Plan

The middle term plan is to develop a European-wide Ultimate Trainer curriculum which can be used by federations that do not have a national program. The benefits for nations with established programs would be a higher standardization and knowledge sharing leading to a EUF certified training program. This would make it possible for certified trainers to run classes throughout Europe

Short Term Plan

Since there are already various level one trainer curriculums available from several federations, we think that the most efficient way to start training future trainers this year in Debrecen and Tallinn is to ask certified trainers from one of these countries to run the classes, teaching their existing national “Level One Training Program” in the name of and financed by the EUF.

How can the federations help us get this right?


1. Train the Trainer implementation


The EUF education and development committee would like your federation to fill this form (, in order to know if your federation has a Level One Training Program:

·        Does your federation have a Train the Trainer program?

·        What is the content of the “Level One”? (just the main bullet points, not the whole script)

·        Are you interested in sharing your knowledge to create a European-wide curriculum?

·        Would you be interested in sending a trainer to Debrecen or Tallinn (or both) to teach your training program?

Once we have collected your replies, the EUF will contact the interested nations for a quote for running the camps in Debrecen and potentially in Tallinn. We will also coordinate the work for the creation of a standardized script on agreed content.

EUF would participate with the goal to find a consensus for curriculum subject matter for the “Level One Training Certificate” from the EUF. The participants of this initial training program will help support the regional camps in 2018. 


Key Level One TtT assumptions for EUF Certificate:

·        Target Group: Ultimate players with enough experience that want to pass their knowledge to new players.

·        Format: Two day "Level One Training program" in Debrecen, Hungary and Tallinn, Estonia in early July.

·        Funding: EUF will support travel, accommodation/food and salary for the instructors.

·        Language: English


At the end of the camp 2017 the participants will get a certificate of attendance. The final “EUF Level One Certificate” will be issued in 2018 after the aspirant trainers implement and demonstrate their skills (a practical “exam”) at one of the EUF Youth Regional Camps.


2. Hosts for Regional Camps in 2018


We are looking for hosts of regional “Ultimate Culture Camps” in 2018.


Please let the Youth Committee know if you would like to host such a camp and where. The exact format is still to be determined and a general agreement on the locations, costs, content, dates, length, standards and other issues will be defined. Our goal is to host camps to include players that are not in a national team programs to support all players. All participants will improve their skills and learn the values of the Spirit of the Game in a relaxed international atmosphere.   


We are counting on your support as we move forward in the future. Thank you in advance.


Your EUF Youth and Education and Development Committees