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EUF Position concerning the adoption of Game Advisors on EUF sactioned events

Dear European Ultimate Community,

Thank you for all the contributions to the discussion about the role of Game Advisors, especially regarding GAs in Europe.
Before entering into the EUF position, and how the EUF tackles the challenge of player infractions that are not quickly resolved through self-officiation, we would like to stress that discussions must always be done in a respectful way, regardless of the differences in opinion. This is at the core of the Spirit of the Game.  
EUF has never adopted GAs so far, and there are no plans to introduce them in the EUF sanctioned events. 
According to the EUF Bylaws, if a member federation would like to introduce this aspect in EUF sanctioned events, we would need to discuss it during the General Assembly (in the yearly event, or in a meeting called specifically regarding the topic). A decision would be taken in that forum.
At present, the EUF is still adopting the following strategy, using options already covered by the rules:
Proactive Activities
· Education: One of the core parts and the very first topic covered in "EUF Train the Trainer" Seminars is "The Role of the Trainer and how to train the Spirit of the Game." As with all Skills, SotG can be trained and it must be done continuously, exactly as we work on our throws, cuts, etc. 
This year we will have 3-4 "EUF Train the Trainer - Level1" seminars around Europe. The new EUF Certified Trainers will use this methodology to train new Ultimate players in a standardised way, with a specific focus on SotG .
· Methodology: In addition to the Spirit Captain Meetings, which are already standard in all elite Events, the EUF introduced the "Spirit Circle before the Game" methodology at the EUCF2017, which proved to be useful to foster the Spirit of the Game and facilitate communication. This drastically reduced the cases where "moderators" had to get involved. There was also no SotG Timeout in this event (200+ games). The EUF plans to expand the use of this tool.
Reactive Activities
· Moderation and Guidance: The Tournament Ruling Committee (TRC) fill the Moderation and Guidance during a game. The score keepers are connected with the TRC members and can ask Rule Interpretation Questions as well request the physical presence of the TRC, if a game requires it. Additionally to help in deescalating conflict, the TRC member has the power to take immediate or delayed action against players and teams that do not respect SotG. This is as per the Competition Appendix and the WFDF Code of Conduct that the EUF adopts.
· Warnings, Probations and Follow-ups: we always handle these situations in a very discrete way, so you probably don't know that the TRC and the EUF Spirit Committee are very active during and after the tournament.
With almost no exception, if games present a low spirit score, the TRC gets involved, which means that the involved persons have to spend half an hour answering questions, instead of chilling out. Where the SotG infractions were very bad and systematic, we have in the past issued written warnings and probation periods. In some cases players have been suspended.
In doing this we always involve the Team and the National Federation (the teams represent a Federation, which are the EUF members), since it is their responsibility to educate and to have the rules being respected. We agree what actions have to be taken, and what consequences the Federation will have if they fail to abide by them. 
Since so far the intervention of the TRC has been needed only rarely, the EUF Board has found that the potential additional benefits of Game Advisors would bring are too low at present to warrant investments in the project. 
I hope this helps clarify the EUF position at present. 
Grazie e ciao 
EUF president 
PS: By the way, the EUF Spirit Committee is looking for motivated and highly spirited people to join the team to support and give guidance before and during tournaments :) !