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EUF continues planning the organisation of the XEUCF in Bruges from Sept. 30th to Oct. 3rd

Dear National Federations,


As promised the Taskforce for the contingency plan for 2021 as well as the TOC of xEUCF 2021 (Bruges) and the EUF board discussed the next decision about how to approach the xEUCF.


There are multiple levels to this decision:
1) If a tournament is going to take place there will only be one xEUCF in Bruges: Since there are a lot of logistical questions still to be answered, we figured that it doesn’t make sense to split up events and have 3 TOCs working through the necessary measurements.

2) We are going ahead with planning the xEUCF: TOC has approached the city council and we are waiting for their decision on June 15th. After that we are reassessing the financial risk from EUF and TOC to make the final decision if we believe this event is possible or not. 

a. Only after this decision are we asking for (pre-)registration and a possible early Fee
b. TOC has to make financial deposits on the 1.7. and it is not sure if a refund is possible after that date. 

3) We are reevaluating the bid distribution from last year:
a. Without last year's competition, we will give bids to national federations so that they can decide which team to send. 

b. The distribution is based on previous EUCF results (last 4 Events).

c. Please let us know if there are special requests for bid switches. We will try to work everything in but hope you understand that we cannot guarantee that right now.

4) If everything works out optimal for TOC and COVID measurements we are looking forward to host 20 Mixed Teams 32 Open Teams 20 Women Teams

5) If we need to make the amount of teams smaller, we will start by
a. reducing the open division until we reach the same number of teams in each division.
b. the required number of teams are min: 16/16/16

6) The registration process will go through national federations, therefore it shall be possible to register x Spots without knowing the Teams and let us know later on.


We discussed within these dedicated groups to the best of our knowledge and tried to find a way to combine our enthusiasm and eagerness to bring back european competition as well as reasonable doubt for the whole situation.