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EUF continues Luckygrass as the official apparel partner for 2020 and 2021

The EUF is pleased to continue Luckygrass as the official apparel partner for the 2020 and 2021 season.

Last year the partnership between EUF and Luckygrass truly was a great success. With their presence during the four big events that EUF organized in 2019 ( EUC in Györ, EYUC in Wroclaw, EUCF in Caorle and EUMC in Madrid ) Luckygrass proved to be an extra factor for the success of these tournaments. Although 2020 won´t be such a busy year for EUF, Luckygrass continues their close partnership with our federation that started right away during EUICC in Herning where they appeared with a booth. Of course Luckygrass will be helping EUF during the grand finale of xEUCF in Bruges, besides they will be present during our main events in 2021.

EUF President Andrea Furlan says :

"After a second year of successfull cooperation, the EUF board didn´t have to think a lot to continue our partnership with Luckygrass. Their presence at all big EUF sanctioned events in 2019 surely helped these tournaments to be more interesting for the players. But continuing our partnership this year also means that we support a European brand that has suffered a lot from the special corona measures. As EUF we hope that we can still have our intended xEUCF later in October and Luckygrass surely will be present in Bruges with their outfits.”

Luckygrass International Manager Dima Podolskiy says :

The EUF is a very open-minded organisation, always going for the development of our sport and thinking about the needs of the involved people and players. As LuckyGrass was founded by the people raised in the ultimate community, we fully share EUF's approach and are proud to be part of this enthusiastic team.”

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Grazie e ciao, Oddi