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EUF continues Eurodisc as official disc partner for 2020 and 2021

The EUF is pleased to continue Eurodisc as official disc partner for the 2020 and 2021 season.

After a very successful partnership over 2018 and 2019, EUF and Eurodisc have decided to continue their cooperation for the years 2020 and 2021. The European Ultimate Federation continues the usage of the Eurodisc 175g Organic during all EUF sanctioned events.

EUF president Andrea Furlan says :

After two years of successfull cooperation, the EUF board clearly wanted to continue its partnership with Eurodisc. Their (game) discs were present at all big EUF sanctioned events from EYUC 2016 upto EUICC 2020 in Herning and their personalised designs and swift delivery helped these tournaments to be more successful. Continuing our partnership this year means that during our possible flag event, xEUCF in Bruges, all European elite players will get to play with the eurodisc game discs, as the COVID-19 regulations most probably will oblige us to have special hygienic measures in place.”

Eurodisc founder Thomas Napieralski says :

"We at Eurodisc are very happy to continue our partnership with the EUF over the next two years 2020/2021 and supply the federation with our Eurodisc 175g Organic during its events. And we try to support EUF and all European ultimate members of EUF as good as we can, especially in this extraordinary corona year. We strongly believe that this situation will soon be over and we can bring the world's fairest team sport to the field again. We miss the spirit, we miss the pictures of friendship, joy, achievement and respect just like all of you. So keep fit, be prepared and most of all - stay healthy. That we'll see you soon on the field. As you may notice, the prices are increasing everywhere. But because we are manufacturing in Germany, we can hold our prices stable and give all of you the same prices for custom discs as in 2019. We even offer participating teams special prices for practice packs of eurodiscs to prepare for the next big EUF tournament, hopefully being xEUCF in Bruges.”

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Grazie e ciao, Oddi