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EUF announces as streaming partner for the next 2 years


Our streaming tender is over and we are happy to announce that EUF is partnering with ULTI.TV for the next two years! 

This means for you as federation :
  • Everyone can watch the games on Youtube whenever they want! No paywalls means more viewers for the sport.
  • There will be multi language commentating for the European elite games,
  • For you that means that your national championships could also be part of the European season. Because of their community driven model they can provide quality streaming in your local language. 
  • Because of their community driven model, everyone can use, remix and compile the live content that is produced. Here you can hire an editor (or one part of the TV network of ULTI.TV) to edit videos from your local teams.  

Their veteran crew is a collective of Ultimate players, coaches and video enthusiasts, they have been working with the EUF for many years under the radar through Fanseat now. They have survived a year without streaming and have put out a tight and exciting 2021 season and they are ready for two scheduled seasons.  

If you want to plan to stream your national championships for 2022, you can send an email to