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EUCS2021: No EUCRs - Next Plan XEUCF in Bruges on Sept. 30th - Oct. 3rd 2021


Dear Ultimate community
End of last year several task forces were created to help the EUF. One of them is working on how to make international Ultimate happen in 2021. The decision timeline for a possible EUCS was presented at the general assembly and looks as follows:
Event Details
Decision Deadline
Requirement by deadline
EUCRs Jul/Aug and EUCF Sep/Oct
March 1st
International travel is allowed and restrictions are lifted by July
XEUCF Bruges  (<1000 people)
Sept. 30th to Oct. 3rd 2021
May 1st
International travel is allowed and restrictions are lifted by September
EUCF Sep/Oct split into three separate divisions (<200 attendants each?)
May 1st
International travel is allowed, however some restrictions are still expected 
No EUF organized events, federations are encouraged to work within their limits
June 1st 
Small events are possible between neighbours in September

With the 1st decision at hand we want to follow through with this protocol. A regular season with all EUCRs and EUCF happening is currently highly unlikely and therefore the scenario A is canceled for 2021. 

For the next Deadline we will be talking about having the XEUCF of 3-4 days in Bruges from Sept. 30th to Oct. 3rd 2021 or another format if possible. National federations will nominate the teams (hopefully with a qualification process from 2021).

Thanks to the national federations for participating in the last survey. The information about their tournament plans strengthened our belief that it is better to leave more room for the federations to get back to ultimate in their own terms.