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EUCS Transition Part 3: Spring and Summer Invite


One thing that works quite well in the current system is the distribution of tournaments through the regions.This is not only easier on the players' money, it requires less air travel as well (In some regions it might already be quite challenging without air travelling). In order to balance the system on the competitive side but not lose the effort of (somewhat) easy regional accessibility we want to implement the Spring and the Summer Invite tournament.

Spring Invite

This tournament should be implemented in 2023 with the goal to have 2 tournaments (per division) where 16 teams can compete against each other. It is not required to have all 3 divisions at one spot to give TD’s a chance for an easy tournament. 

In the future when the ranking system gets established we will have a ranking for many teams. Those teams that are in the 1-40 ranking and are not going to the Elite Invite will be invited to the Spring invite and can choose between a version in the West and a version in the eastern side of Europe. If a division is not yet able to provide enough teams for 2 times 16 Team tournaments we will scale them down, so that we have a great balance between travel efforts and amazing games. 

The competition should take place around the Elite Invite and will foster a closer level of competition between teams so they can push and challenge each other to improve, therefore providing a pipeline for teams to progress onto the Elite level.

Summer Invite

The summer invite on the other hand should be the final push for the top 32 Teams to challenge themselves and generate one last final rush in ranking points and experience. This is very likely the last event before the Ranking system will be closed for the season and the Teams will get their invitation to the Final where only 16 Teams will compete in the end. Since this step requires quite some established products already, the summer invite will only be the last tournament to be implemented in the transition. Again there should be 2 tournaments where the top 32 Teams can split and decide where to go. These teams should have the chance to choose between a more northern and a more southern tournament. There is no requirement for TDs to host 16/16/16 Teams even though it will be appreciated if possible. 

The Summer Invite and their establishment in 2024 will also mark the end for the EUCRs as we know them right now. The invitational tournaments shall give teams the opportunity to play other tournaments and encounter different teams due to their choice of where to go. Some might focus on travel costs, others might focus on the new opponents. 


We are currently very focused to explain the system for the top 40 Teams in each division. We are aware that not every division is currently at the spot where 40 teams are actually competing. Additionally the current explanations are focused on only 40 teams, therefore we are also considering how to attract new Teams as well as how they can actually compete in the structure and tournaments with these limited numbers. In short: Sanctioned events as well as additional tournaments for the next badge of ranked teams will be considered and your input is appreciated as always!

Please let us know what you think about these proposals. You can give us feedback, questions or comments here: or

Next week we are going to try to tackle the Ranking system. One thing is for sure already, we don’t have the perfect system yet and we are looking for people with expertise and the willingness to help.