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EUCS Transition Part 1: Timeline


This is the second article about the EUCS Transition, read the introduction from last week here: 

Last week we announced that we are evolving the EUCS structure in order to create a more equitable and fair Club Series for the whole European community. We addressed the reasons why the Club Series needs to evolve and we gave a brief summary of the changes that we are introducing

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This week, we wanted to walk you through our proposed timeline to make those changes a reality. We estimate that the transition to the new Club Series structure will take 5 years and we wanted to make the changes incrementally to allow everyone to adapt accordingly and give us the time we need to figure everything out properly.

Since those steps are quite far in the future we want you to think about it as a rough guideline of what we prepared so far. Specific things like roster rules, eligibility requirements and the ranking system are still in development. We want to hear yearly concerns and views to create a system that works for every participating nation and team.


*Cancelled due to COVID-19

This is the system as we know it currently (of course without Covid cancellations…).

After XEUCF we want to invite 8 Top Teams to the Elite Invite in April 2022. More details about the Elite Invite will be in our next article next week where we are going to announce the host as well as the procedure. 



2022 includes the first changes to the calendar. The Elite Invite shall be a staple for the Top Teams where they can prepare for the season and especially WUCC. 

The qualification process for EUCF will be the same as usual. Teams will get spots at the Regionals with their National Championship results and have to qualify for EUCF through the regional tournaments.

The Ranking system will get a detailed trial run throughout the season in order to develop the correct algorithm. More on the ranking system, it’s challenges and the algorithm in a later article. 


2023 will implement new Roster Rules for the seasons to come, a detailed description of it will be coming soon and there will be an extended explanation session at EUCF 2022. 

Teams have to submit their Invite preferences before the 31st January. Do they want to go to the Elite Invite or to the Spring Invite. The results of the EUCF 2022 will determine the priority list which teams can choose first. Reasons why teams might choose not to go to the Elite Invite could be roster developments as well as the distance to travel for example. 

The timing of submitting preferences and approval of rosters is not yet final. We will also talk about it at EUCF2022.

If everything goes right and we are able to find the algorithm we need then this should be the year for the first bigger testrun. The results of 2023 will therefore be the deciding factor for the invitational tournaments of 2024. 

2023 will be the first year where we are going to experiment with existing tournaments and how we can implement them into the European club season. We have some minimum requirements already in mind for being eligible as a sanctioned tournament but what do you think should be included? Would your club be interested in submitting your existing tournament? 


We are coming into deep waters right now. The scenario we are painting is as follows:

  • We have a functioning algorithm that fulfills all the needs of the community

  • National championships can be included into the system

  • Eligibility criteria are satisfactory

EUCRs will take place one last time but are part of the ranking system already.

The Finals will have an equal competition throughout the divisions.

This year can include some more options like:

  • Additional tournaments if the overall number of Teams exceeds the capacity of the invitational tournaments and/or Final

  • EUF is also considering a “hybrid version” for qualification where some spots will get through the ranking system and others will go through EUCRs


The last implementation will take place in changing the EUCRs to the Summer Invite.

Our dream scenario is that within this european season:

  • Teams have a high number of games against teams of their strength

  • Tournaments have a greater diversity of teams

  • Equal play time per gender

  • Fans are able to follow their teams for a longer period

The same additions as in 2024 and more can take place as well. With the modularity of this system it should be quite easy to implement either additional tournaments or additional levels of competition (for example a final for ranking nr. 17-32 and so on)

Next week we are going to talk about the Elite Invite.

Don’t forget to send us your input!