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EUCS Regional Restructuring - Israel moves from the South to the Eastern region

Dear European Ultimate Community
The EUF and the Eastern Region Coordinators have approved the request of the Isreali Federation to enter the EUCS 2022 in the Eastern Region.
The Israeli National Championship in the Open division features normally about 12 and 16 teams. In the season 2022 Isreal will get 1 Bid in the open division at the EUCR-E.
The Bid distribution in the Eastern Region 2022 is
Open division: AUT 3, PL 3, CZ 3, ISR 1, SouthEast 1 (UKR, TUR, BiR, MOL) and EUCQ (SLO, SVK, HUN, ROM) 1 team 
Women Division: AUT 2, PL 2, CZ 2, SouthEast 1 (UKR, TUR, BiR, MOL) and EUCQ (SLO, SVK. HUN, ROM) 1 team 
Mixed Division: 1 initial bid per country - remaining bids will be assigned according to the participation and ranking in 2019