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EUCF 2014 - Frankfurt - Oct. 3rd-5th

Dear European Ultimate Members

The EUF board and the Central Series Committee (CSC) are pleased to inform you that the EUCF 2014 has been assigned to Robert Pesch and Heiko Karpowski, that are supported by the German Flying Disc Federation (DFV).
The tournament will take place in Frankfurt, in the same venue as 2012, from Oct. 3rd to Oct. 5th.
24 Open (8 Elite and 16 Challenger), 12 Women and 12 Mixed teams will play for the title of European Ultimate Club Champion 2014.
We are very happy to have found a venue with 12 Ultimate pitches all at one site, which will guarantee that unique feeling typical of large events.
The Tournament Organisation Committee has already organized many tournaments on this venue and has solid partnerships with the various suppliers, which are important preconditions for a successful event.
As in 2013, the European Ultimate Championship Regionals (EUCRs) will be played in each region in the divisions Open, Women and Mixed.
The exact nummer of bids each region has per division will be published soon.
We remind the teams that players may be rostered only in one team, independently from the division (see Once the EUCR is over, all players rostered for a team, that did not advance, will lose the roster and are eligible to play for another team.
The regional committees are intensively working to define dates and locations of the the EUCRs. More details will follow.
For any question, please do not hesitate to contact the Regional Series Committee (RSC) of your region (see addresses in CC).
Grazie e ciao

- EUF president -