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EUC2019 Eligibility Rules - Ultimate Community Members Restictions

 Dear EUF members

The Eligibility Rules for the EUC2019 are described here:
WFDF already annouced that the Category D - "Ultimate Community Member" might be removed after 2018.
The EUF Board decided to leave this category but to allow the participation of players that fall under it on a case to case basis.
If Federations have players falling into this eligibility category, they must apply to recieve explicit authorisation for the involved players providing following documentation
  1. Name, Nationality and Ultimate Curriculum of the involved player(s) incl. UltimateCentral profile.
  2. Motivation Letter why your federation would consider the involved person as a community member
  3. Roster Size of the national Team
  4. Number of national teams from your nation that will participate in the EUC2019
  5. Description of the selection methodology for the national team
Please address the request to Board EUF <>