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EUC2015 Registration Process and Requirements


Vienna, 2015 April 28th
Dear Member Federations,
Dear Teams registered in the EUC 2015
Soon the Player’s Registration for the EUC2015 will be open.
There are some differences respect to the registration, which we would like you to be aware of, in order to have a quick process.
1.     Each Participant must perform the registration for the EUC himself
During Registration you will be asked a series of questions that an other person might not know.
In order to do that you need to create your own profile on
2.     The WFDF Rules Accreditation check will be dne online
EUC2015 adopts following EUF Rules Accreditation Requirements.
In order to successfully complete registration you’ll have to fill in following information: 
·       UserID (you find it on your WFDF Rules Profile -
·       Certificate Level (Standard/Advanced)
·       Date of Issue of your Certificate (if the date is older that 2014-01-31 you need to repeat the Accreditation Quiz and get a new Certificate:
3.     Player’s Eligibility
Please be aware of the EUF eligibility rules.
During registration you will be asked to which of the 4 Player’s Classes you belong. For each Player belonging to the Classes C (Resident Non-Citizen) and D (Ultimate Community Member) the National Federation must send to a Facts-Sheet as proof of the player’s eligibility for that nation.
4.     WFDF Participation Agreement
During Registration you will be asked to accept a participation agreement. As for EUF and WFDF sanctioned events you must download it, sign it and give it to your team coordinator. During accreditation in Copenhagen all signed waivers must be handed in in order to be allowed to play.
5.     Player’s Registration Status will be “pending”
EUC2015 does not accept payments from individual players, but only bulk payments from your national association. The national association representative will be able to create a single invoice for all registered players. Once this has been paid, the EUC2015 registration committee will change the player’s registration status to “confirmed”.
6.     Team Names and Team Icon on
All teams must have a consistent name. This is the allowed naming convention:
$nation $division
$Nation = English name of the nation like “Denmark”, “Austria”, “Spain”
$Division= one of “Open”, “Women”, “Mixed”, “Open Masters”, “Women Masters”
OK: Great Britain Open Masters
OK: France Mixed
OK: Germany Women Masters
NOK: Austrian Mixed
NOK: France Mixte
NOK: Finland National Team Mixed
NOK: Norway
NOK: Ultimate Association of Turkey

In order to have your Nation better recognizable on the schedule, please insert your National Flag as Icon of the team in