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Erasmus+ Project Application: European Ultimate Gender Equity Manual (EU-GEM)

Dear European Ultimate Federations,

This International Womens Day, the EUF is pleased to announce that we are applying for an Erasmus+ small sports grant in relation to gender equity. You can read more about the concept below. We are partnering with Finland, France and Ireland, plus with CUSB as the sports club representative for the project due to the work they are all doing in relation to gender equity training and coaching. If successful, the output of this project will benefit all European Federations. 
About the project
The EUF has collaborated with a working group across Europe to write an application that we are looking to submit on 1 April 2019. You can find a brief summary of the concept below:
The European Ultimate Gender Equity Manual (EU-GEM)
On conducting a survey across European Ultimate Federations, it emerged that those nations that have more coaches tend to have greater numbers of female Ultimate players. The EUF is committed to assisting in the development of more coaches within Europe.
The EUF Erasmus+ working group discussed gender equity as it relates to SotG, and the concept of mutual respect as a unifying principle. As such, no Ultimate specific coaching course is complete without discussing how best to actively ensure gender equity practices are being upheld. However, at present, no such coaching material exists.
This project looks to build a manual focused on enhancing the coaching capacity of existing European Ultimate coaches by improving gender equity knowledge as it relates to Ultimate in Europe. By improving the quality of our existing pool of coaches, we will look to track how this impacts the recruitment and retention of female Ultimate members in Europe.
The core areas that the manual will focus on will be on how best to utilise gender equity tools in order to best recruit, train and retain female Ultimate players in Europe. The project to research, write and deliver the manual would run from approximately January 2020-Autumn 2021.
If you have any questions about the project, please don't hesitate to get in touch. At the moment we are working hard in drafting and submitting the application. We would like to thank Heidi Pekkola for sharing her subject matter expertise in applying for such grants!

Ciao e grazie,
President, EUF