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Election of the Central Series Committee and first idea exchange

Dear Federations and Players
we would like to re-structure and re-form the "Central Series Committee" (CSC), whose task are
The CSC consists of 1 representative per region and per gender, 10 members in total. These persons generally coordinate also the activities (EUCR Bids selection and date definitions) of the regional committees. 
In the regional committees there should be at least 1 representative per federation. 
It is possible to have more non-voting members of the CSC. Still the goal is to have a 50-50 gender distribution. Voting CSC members must be endorsed by their federation.
Please register for the workshop here
A first discussion of the outstanding topics (see docimentation above) and the creation of working groups as well as the formation of the new CSC will take place on Monday July 1st at from 20:15 to 22:15 in Györ (exact ocation will be announced). The outcome of the Workshop and the list of the CSC Members will be presented to the member federations at the General Assembly on Wed. July 3rd.
The EUF Census 2019 identified a general growth in numbers both for men and female players, although the increase of men players in much higher. There is a certain correlation with the distribution of men and female engaging in coaching and managing positions. 
In order to have more female role models, the EUF would like to particularly encourage women to join the CSC and regional Committees.