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Colombia U17 participates in the Open European Youth Ultimate Champiomship

Dear EUF Member Federations,

After consultation with you in April about the request of Colombia U17 to participate in the EYUC U17 division in Lecco (see letter), the EUF board decided to accept this request.
The name of the U17 competition has been changed to Open European Youth Ultimate Championship (OEYUC).
Colombia U17 teams will be allowed to play in the OEYUC without any placement restrictions.
The competition still remains a European championship. The final standings of Colombia will be stripped in order to determine the European ranking and the medals. However, Colombia will be allowed to get the winner trophy in the event of a tournament victory.
We have been very clear with Colombian federation and we would like to stress it also here, that we do not want to create a U17 world championship and we do expect that Colombia, together with the other PanAm federations, will intensively work to establish a continental youth championship in their part of the world in the near future.
The idea to support the development of U17 teams in the regions, where the development program and the international networks are not so established like in Europe, is actually more than 4 years old. In 2010 and 2012 there was no interest from non-EU U17 teams in attending the tourney.
The OEYUC will take place in best case every second year. EUF reserves the right to accept/deny participation requests from non-EU teams on case–by-case basis.
There are very good reasons why a U17 world championship doesn't make sense and EUF shares completely this position.
We wish all participants in the OEYUC a lot of fun and high-spirited and intensive games.
For the EUF board
- EUF President –