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Call for Volunteers for EUF Strategy Task Forces

Dear Ultimate community,

This is information regarding every ultimate player in europe, please share this information within your federation. 
In our last email you got invited to watch our briefing about the strategy process the EUF board went through. 
As you might have seen, in the last two weeks we released a couple of videos where we talked about the different task forces we want to introduce:
If you are interested in joining one of these task forces, you have additional feedback or questions to those task forces. Please go to this page where we prepared forms to collect all of this. You can find the presentation (at the end of each video) here.
These forms will also help us prepare for the 2nd of September where a life Q&A session will happen.
This is the schedule:
In this Q&A we want to create the possibility to talk and interact with each other and make this the kick-off event for these task forces. 
please feel free to contact us and we are looking forward to many faces and interesting opinions in the Q&A sessions.
Questions that were already asked:
Q: Approximately what time commitment should we expect to give when joining the SOTG Task force? (i.e. Is it possible to become involved next to full-time-job and busy week-ends?)
A: Yes absolutely, the task forces will work on their own so you can talk with them about what suits you best and what time commitment you can bring into it.