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Call for Trainer for TtT in Debrecen on 14*. – 16. July

Full call of bid in PDF

Vienna, 2017 March 19th


Hello Frisbee Sport Federations,


Thank you for your response to our recent online form asking about “Train the Trainer” (TtT) programs in your country.

Result of the TtT Survey

Of the 16 responses we received (thank you!) 44% have a “Train the Trainer” (TtT) program, 37% do not and 19% are in development. The responses were all very positive and all were willing and able to support the program.

The EUF is not planning to replace existing “TtT” programs, but would like to encourage development by winning and instructing trainers to support growth throughout Europe.

EUF TtT Script

Our plan is to run a preliminary Level one TtT during the EYUCup event in Debrecen on the 14th (afternoon) to 16th of July, 2017.

Based on the response of the recent online form many national education professionals would be willing and able to send an Ultimate education professional to Debrecen to run the planned training session.

We hope to bring in several professionals from different nations to help run the session and to discuss how the program will be continued in the future. One existing “script” in English will be used as a basis for this initial training session.

It is important to note that this “script”, will not be adopted as the EUF “script”, but will help determine what topics are to be included in the EUF “script” being developed by the group of professionals. For this reason, we hope for a group of professionals that are willing support this effort through 2018 when the 2nd step of the Level One TtT Certification Process will continue.


During this 3 - 4 day period, during the EYUCup 2017, the group will not only train the future trainers, but will also spend time together to discuss the future certification process. It is our plan to complete the First Level One TtT Certification Process in 2018 at the regional Culture Camps, where the participants will complete their theoretical and practical training to receive the official EUF Level One certificate.    

Call for Trainer for TtT in Debrecen on 14*. – 16. July

We would like to ask the federations to:

  1. recommend professional trainers that will be available to lead the

    1. Level One TtT Session (Step One) in Debrecen on 14. (afternoon) – 16. July 2017. The session will be of 20 Units of 45 minutes (2 on Friday, 12 on Sat., 6 on Sun.)
      (*) Trainer must arrive already on July 13th evening in Debrecen.

    2. and  a Level One TtT session (Step Two) at a “EUF Regional Culture Camp” in the summer of 2018.

  2. Provide a short Curriculum Vita of your recommended professional so we know with whom we are dealing with.

  3. Allow the recommended professionals to use parts of the existing script in English to provide an agenda for the Level One TtT Session (Step One) in Debrecen. Please provide a copy of the script in English to be applied - we would like to see the topics to be addressed. Changes to existing scripts are not required at this time. The script will remain the property of the party providing the information and the EUF will not forward it to any third parties.

  4. Provide a summary of drills that can be used during the training session.  

  5. Provide an estimate to the EUF for travel costs of the professional trainer to the Level One TtT session (Step One) in Debrecen.

The EUF will:

  1. Assign the technical responsibility to run the classes to the best bidding federation and eventually nominate other trainers to assist the head coach during the workshops.

  2. Organize the TtT Session (Step One) in Debrecen.

  3. Cover round trip travel costs, room and board of the professional trainer(s) to the training session.

  4. Pay a salary of €300 to the professional trainer running the camp. Other professional support trainers will receive a salary of €200.

  5. Provide meeting rooms and practice facilities for the training session.

Please consider who has enough experience and proven capabilities to

  1. run the Debrecen TtT session

  2. or  who should be involved in the event to support the program development.


Remember, all of these professionals (1. and 2.) should be capable of leading a Step 2 TtT session at one of the regional culture camps in 2018!

Please forward to your Ultimate Education group and define your recommendations as soon as possible so we can define the TtT team for Debrecen soon.


Thank you for providing your recommendations by April 9th .




Andrea Furlan


European Ultimate Federation President