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Call for bids for the eXtended European Ultimate Championship Finals 2013

Dear Federations,

The European Ultimate Federation opens officially the submission of bids for the organization of the eXtended European Ultimate Championship Finals 2013 (XEUCF 2013) in the divisions open, women, mixed and master.

As in 2009 we would like to have a single big event for all divisions.
We are also conscious that it's not easy to find a venue with the required amount of fields in fall. For this reason as fall back solution we also accept bids for hosting the finals only for the divisions open+women or mixed+master.

Deadline for submission of a declaration of interest is: August 31st 2012.

Please read the requirements and farther deadlines and use the budget template submission.
By this date we need to have at least a rough description of the bid, which the EUF central series committee (CSC) will define in details together with the bidders.

Send bids, requests or questions to:

If bidders are private persons or clubs, it is highly recommanded to include also a presentation letter of the national federation.

Looking forward to receiving many competitive bids!