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Call for Bids for the European Ultimate Masters Club Championship 2017

In 2017 there will be the next edition of the European Ultimate Masters Club Championship (EUMCC).
The EUF Club Championship in the Masters divisions is played every 4 years.

The EUF Board has decided to hold the Masters divisions separate in time and location from the divisions without age limits.
This brings not only logistical advantages, but offers the masters divisions much more space and visibility.

Players entering in the Open and Mixed Masters divisions are eligible if they reach at least their 33rd birthday in 2017. In the Women players must reach at least their 30th birthday in 2017.

The participation to the EUMCC does not influence the eligibility limits of the EUCS . This means that Masters players can play in the Masters division at the EUMCC and can play the regular club season with their Open/Women/Mixed Teams. 

The EUF Board officially opens the Call for Bids for the organisation of the EUMCC 2017 in the divisions Open Masters and Women Masters.

Details for the call for bids are here.


Grazie e ciao


- EUF President -