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Call for Bids for EYUCups 2022


EYUCups 2022
This is the call for bids for the European Youth Ultimate Cups (EYUCups).
In order to support the national team development programs, the EUF sections regional U20 Mixed, Open and Women National Team tournaments (EYUCups), from 2 to 4 days. In 2022, these will be held in addition to EYUC U17 and WJUC, and can serve as preparation events, or as an alternative for those teams who are not yet ready to attend the full Championship.
EUF is helping in coordinating, but the initiative and the organization needs to come from the region.
Dec. 20th 2021: Declaration of interest by host or Federation
Jan. 10th 2022: Bid complete, provisional budget
Bid Assignment: Feb. 2022

As this is a regional event, decisions can be taken more quickly and with less formalities than for EYUC. If you consider hosting, it is best to get in touch with EUF asap, then we may be able to announce your event in a short time span.

Contact: Pls send all questions and bids to
Information about the event
Depending on the region's needs. Guideline: 2 - 4 full days - arrival for dinner on evening of day one – End after Lunch on Final day.
Target Date is April to June. Please explain the reason for any variations to this proposed date. 
National Teams (Nations can send multiple teams in the same division if they have enough people to do so)
Number depending on reachability and needs of the region.
Please inform us about your prefered Divisions (Mixed, Open, Women), with multiple interests it might be that EUF is selecting specific divisions for specific bids and your preferences will be taken into consideration. 
Bids can be presented by national federations or affiliates with the support/approval of a national federation member of EUF. Please provide confirmation of support, participation and approval from your National Flying Disc Federation.
Number of fields per participant should be determined based on the following guide:

National Team Tournament: One football field (100m x 70 m) per 4 teams
Please provide the size and location of the fields included in your bid. Please provide a plan in case of rain (e.g. additional fields available, turf fields, etc.). Having all pitches on 1 site is an asset.
Please add a map of the venue (google maps preferred) and describe the grass quality.
Please plan enough Staff and Volunteers to manage the CUP and assure the safety of the participants and the tournament. Because the circumstances may be different at each location - please explain how the different requirements will be handled and the required personnel. Personnel should have a solid background in working with youth, good English knowledge and intermediate speaking level in the national language where the event will take place. There must be at least 1 reference person for medical issues (First-Aid Certificate is recommended).
Budget is key! For such a short event, Camping / floor space is usually sufficient, and helps keep the cost low. However, the local organizers may decide.
Having the fields, accommodation and social activities within walking distance is an asset.
Full-Board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) must be provided for the participants.
Drinking water must be available at the fields.
Please indicate where and how you plan to provide meals and the expected cost.
Indicate how the location can be reached (distance to airports, public transportation system,...).
Having a location, which minimizes the travelling costs for most participants is an asset. A CUP location in a border region is preferred over a venue in the middle of a big country.
Social and cultural Events:
Regardless of the legislation in the organizing countries, the EUF Ultimate CUP will follow a strict non-alcohol policy.
A tournament gift per player is not necessary and should be considered only if covered by a sponsor.
The tournament basics (food, accommodation and fee) should be as low as possible to allow all interested players in the region to participate.
For the budget plan, please use the EUF template. EUF Budget Template_V3.0
We want to make clear that people, who work hard on these events, should receive some reasonable payment, nevertheless management costs should be kept to a minimum and outlined in the budget

Depending on the outcome of our currently running tender we want to offer: 
  • The Tournament Merchandising will be provided by a EUF Partner.
  • Game Disc will be available through the EUF Partner
Potential sponsoring deals made by the Camp Organizing Committee (COC) must be agreed with EUF.

The EUF committee wants to make sure that it is able to get very clear visibility of all the costs, that costs are reasonable, and that we help make sure players don’t pay for things that they might prefer not to have if given the choice.