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Call for Bids for European Ultimate Masters Championship 2019 (EUMC2019)

Dear European Ultimate Federation Members

Please distribute the call for bids for hosting the European Ultimate National Teams Masters Championship 2019 (EUMC2019) within your board and to experienced Tournament Organisers.

Call for Bids EUMC2019: PDF Version
The Masters in the divisions "Men Masters" (33+ years old), "Women Masters" (30+ years old), "Mixed Masters" (33+ years old) will compete in a separate tournament from the other adult divisions. The EUC2018 will take place in Györ from June 29th to July 6th.
The planned format is a 4 days long tournament, starting on Thursday morning and ending on Sunday evening, ideally to be held in the last week of July 2019.
The competition assigns the title of European Champion in the various Masters divisions and takes place every 4 years. 
The previous edition was played as part of the EUC2015 in Copenhagen in the Men Masters and Women Masters divisions.
The actual Champions are Denmark in Men Master and Germany in Women Masters. The mixed Masters division will be played for the first time in 2019.