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Call for Bids for EYUCamps and EYUCups 2019


After the great success of the EUYCup 2017 in Debrecen and of the EYUCamps in 2018, the EUF is seeking for bidders to organise such events in 2019.

EYUCups are a great opportunity not only for teams preparing for EYUC2019 in Wroclaw but also for nations that are not ready yet to play a week long tournament.
Some EYUCups are already fixed, like Vienna on the last weekend of April and Riga in early summer.

EYUCamps are mainly targeted to juniors not in a national team program yet, that want to improve their skills and build new international friendships in a holiday culture camp athosphere.

Link to call for bids

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European Ultimate Championship Calendar 2019


Dear European Community

This is the Calendar for the EUCQ Events 2019. In some regions the bid selection is still in progress. It should be completed in January.

Date Tournament Location
May 26+27 EUCQ-E (Qualifier for EUCR-E O+W) Sardice (CZE)
July 27+28 EUCR-S X tbd
August 3+4 EUCR-N O+W+X St. Petersburg (RUS)
August 24+25 EUCR-W O+W+X Birmingham (GBR)
August 24+25 EUCR-C O tbd
August 24+25 EUCR-C X+W tbd
Aug. 23-25 or Aug. 30-Sept. 1 EUCR-E O+W tbd
Aug. 24+25 or Aug. 31+Sept. 1 EUCR-E X tbd
September 27-29 EUCF Caorle (ITA)


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EUC2019 Eligibility Rules - Ultimate Community Members Restictions


 Dear EUF members

The Eligibility Rules for the EUC2019 are described here:
WFDF already annouced that the Category D - "Ultimate Community Member" might be removed after 2018.
The EUF Board decided to leave this category but to allow the participation of players that fall under it on a case to case basis.
If Federations have players falling into this eligibility category, they must apply to recieve explicit authorisation for the involved players providing following documentation
  1. Name, Nationality and Ultimate Curriculum of the involved player(s) incl. UltimateCentral profile.
  2. Motivation Letter why your federation would consider the involved person as a community member
  3. Roster Size of the national Team
  4. Number of national teams from your nation that will participate in the EUC2019
  5. Description of the selection methodology for the national team
Please address the request to Board EUF <>
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EUCF2019 will be in Caorle (ITA) on Sept. 27-29 2019


Dear European Ultimate Community

The EUF Board is happy to annouce that the EUCF2019 will be take place in Caorle (ITA) on Sept. 27th-29th 2019, hosted by the Club Extradry with the endorcement of the Italian Flying Disc Federation.

The Regional Series Commitees will open soon the calls for the organisation of the EUCRs.

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Upcoming Train the Trainer Seminars - Winter 2018


 The next Seminar for the Trainer Certification Level 1 of the European Federation will be in Istanbul on Nov. 16-18 (register here) and in Madrid on Nov. 30 - Dec. 2 (register here).

The Train the Trainer Level 1 is targeted to Ultimate loving local sport club and school trainers/teachers and provides them with hands-on information, drills and concepts, that can be implemented in their own Frisbeesport group in their home town > Grass Roots development!  

The Session 1 consists of a 20 Unit Seminar where participants learn and apply the methodology, getting feedback from the head coaches.

The Session 2 consists of a 20 Units training-on-the-job part, where participants have to plan and run training sessions in their own town and periodically send the Head Coaches the training reports and reviews.

The final requirement for getting the EUF Trainer Level 1 certificate is the successful accomplishment of the WFDF rules knownledge accreditation - standard level.

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EYUC2019 - Wroclaw Aug. 10-17 2019


Dear EUF members, dear European, Ultimate junior players and organizers,

EUF is pleased to announce EYUC:
 EYUC in Wroclaw, August 10-17 2019

This will most likely be the largest European ultimate championships ever, bigger than EUC, as we expect 60+ teams. With the strong growth in junior ultimate, it will also very likely be the last time we can hold all 4 divisions (U17 women and open; U20 women and open) together, for the sheer size.

EYUC will be played on 2 locations: the well known Pola Marsowe fields around the Olympic stadium (EYUC 2011, EUCF 2015 and 2018, WJUC 2016, WG 2017) and at Olawka fields. We will have 14 natural grass fields and 5 astroturf fields at those locations, and another 5 astroturf fields in
 reserve.The same experienced TOC is running the tournament. Many thanks to them!

After the last six EYUC in western Europe, EUF felt the strong need to go further east, where plenty of new national teams have formed over the past years, but without the finacial capacity to travel far. High on our list was Debrecen (HUN), but unfortunately the local football academy pulled out so we were lacking fields. Wroclaw stepped in as the only central / east location, and also with an excellent bid at
 moderate costs.Many thanks to the Debrecen TOC and to Italy, also offering to host!
There are plenty of different accomodation options available at short distance to the fields, at low costs. More details will be out in the fall. 

In 2016, prior to EYUC, we held EYUCup in Debrecen. This was a 4 day youth national team event, which was attended by many teams that were not yet ready to attend a full EYUC. Moreover some other teams used it as a preparation for EYUC. For 2019, more regions may do this; south west and north east have already expressed their interest in holding an EYUCup prior to EYUC.

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PRESS RELEASE: EUC2019 Registration is open


Dear European Ultimate Comminity!

In Name of EUF and of the Hungarian Tournament Organizing Committee it is a great pleasure to inform you that that the registration for the EUC2019 is now open!

City of Győr (HUN) will host the EUC'19 in the Mixed, Women and Men divisions from June 29th to July 06th 2019

Zoltan Erdösi, President of the Hungarian Flying Disc Federation and EUC'19 Tournament Directory says "It is a great pleasure to welcome You, players, guests, volunteers to the 15th Edition of the European Ultimate Championships. Our goals are: organise a high quality event with pleasant stay and satisfied participants. Additionally we want to orient european mainstreem sportmedia to our lovely sport Ultimate! In the name of the Hungarian Flying Disc Federation - cooperated with European Ultimate Federation - we wish You All one of the greatest experience in Your career!"

"We are all very excited about having the EUC'19 in Hungary", adds Andrea 'Oddi' Furlan, president of the EUF. "Györ is not only easily reachable from nations from emerging countries, that had difficulties in coming to Copenhangen in 2015, but also from anywhere in Europe, having 3 large international airports within 1 hour. Added to the top field conditions, the great support of the Hungarian Sport Ministry and of the City of Györ, makes the best preconditions for a great ultimate event!"

The European Ultimate Championship takes place every 4 years. The last edition was in Copenhagen featuring 19 Women, 18 Mixed and 17 Men Teams. The actual European Champions are Finland in the Women division and Great Britain in Mixed and Men.

For all information and registration please visit the tournament official webpage:

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EUCF 2018 Recap

Thanks to all participants in the EUCF2018 for showing again a great spirit in these 3 sunny unforgetable days!
As last year in Caorle more than 21% (35 out of 164) of the games ended with an Universe Point! This confirms how much closer the level is getting thoughout Europe! Well done!
Congratulations to all medal and SOTG winners! 
In this occasion we would also like to officially apologize with KFK, who actually had the highest spirit avarage in the Men division (we had some SOTG issues with score confirmation in UC)!
The final ranking and all results are under
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EUF Board Election: call for candidates - deadline Sept. 30th


 Dear European Ultimate Comminity!

On Oct. 5th there will be the yearly EUF General Assembly, where the new board (9 Members) and the Finance Auditor (2 Members) will be elected for the term 2019-2020!
If you would like to make an international experience in Sport Management, Event Management, Media Management or Organisation Management and dedicate some of your time to help European Ultimate to get better and better, we would be happy to recieve your canditation! 
Please send a letter of interest and a short CV to: indicating for which position you would like to candidate within Sept. 30th 
if you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me.
here you find the actual board and the EUF bylaws
Following Positions will be elected:
Executive Board
  • President (don't worry, I will recandidate )
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
The board of directors is completed by 6 voting counselors, that can chair various subcommittees, like
  • Ultimate Development Coordinator
  • Youth Committee Coordinator
  • Women Committee Coordinator
  • Open Committee Coordinator
  • Mixed Committee Coordinator
  • Ultimate Education and Professionalisation Committee Coordinator
  • Spirit of the Game Committee Coordinator
  • Media Committee Coodinator
looking forward to hearing back from you!
grazie e ciao
- EUF President - 
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The Power of the Sprit of the Game Circle


Many of us know the Spirit Circle as closing ceremony of a game, where the teams celebrate the Spirit of the Game, thank the opponents and have a chance to give mutual feedback.

This has a big symbolic strength and we must be aware how powerful this is.
Hurdling with the opponent is something pretty unique to Ultimate and is definitely an eye catcher for spectators that don’t know our sport.  
The Spirit Circle is such a power tool, that should not be limited to the game closing ceremony but it actually brings much more benefits when done at the beginning of a game. 
A survey run during the EUCF2017 showed that 44% of the participants found that the Spirit Circle before the game in general positively influenced the way they related to the opponent during the game. During the same tournament there were just 2 occasions out of about 170 games, where the Tournament Ruling Group had to get involved because games were drifting in the wrong direction. 
If we think about it, it is quite obvious that if we have the chance to set expectations before something is done, then we influence our and the opponent behaviour. This is of course much better than e.g. getting the feedback in the closing spirit circle, that the opponent would have wished us to have acted or reacted differently during the game, when we have no more chances to adapt and improve.
Spirit Circle Before the Game vs. Spirit Captain Chat before the Game
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Call for Bids for European Ultimate Masters Championship 2019 (EUMC2019)

Dear European Ultimate Federation Members

Please distribute the call for bids for hosting the European Ultimate National Teams Masters Championship 2019 (EUMC2019) within your board and to experienced Tournament Organisers.

Call for Bids EUMC2019: PDF Version
The Masters in the divisions "Men Masters" (33+ years old), "Women Masters" (30+ years old), "Mixed Masters" (33+ years old) will compete in a separate tournament from the other adult divisions. The EUC2018 will take place in Györ from June 29th to July 6th.
The planned format is a 4 days long tournament, starting on Thursday morning and ending on Sunday evening, ideally to be held in the last week of July 2019.
The competition assigns the title of European Champion in the various Masters divisions and takes place every 4 years. 
The previous edition was played as part of the EUC2015 in Copenhagen in the Men Masters and Women Masters divisions.
The actual Champions are Denmark in Men Master and Germany in Women Masters. The mixed Masters division will be played for the first time in 2019.
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Press Conference for the EUC2019 with Hungarian Politicians

On June 19th 2018 the Kickoff Press Conference for the European Ultimate Championship 2019 in Györ took place in Budapest.
On top of the prominent guests was Dr. Szabó Tünde (Hungarian Sport Minister) with Borkai Zsolt (Major of Györ) and Dr. Mészáros János (President of the Hungarian Competitive Sports Association). EUF was represented by Andrea “Oddi” Furlan (EUF President).
More than a dozen journalists, who reported about the EUC2019 in the following days, have attended the press conference.
Dr. Mészáros stressed in his speech how fast Ultimate is growing in Hungary, thanks to the intensive work of the Hungarian Federation represented by its President Zoltan Endösi.
Andrea Furlan rose the interest of the journalists explaining what the Spirit of the Game is and which high standing gender equality and mutual respect has in our sport.
Zoltan Endösi closed the speeches inviting representatives of the institutions and the journalists at the Opening Ceremony for the EUC2019, which will take place on Sat. June 30th in the main stadium of Györ.
The Organization of the EUC is already at an advanced stage and it is planned to open the registration including the booking of accommodation this summer and close it on Dec. 31st
All Photo Credits: Hungarian Federation


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The EUF is pleased to announce Luckygrass as the official apparel and merchandise partner for the 2018 season.

Following our request for proposal as merchandise partner issued on January 31st 2018, the EUF board has invested the last couple of months in selecting a new apparel supplier. Now the European Ultimate Federation is very pleased to announce Luckygrass as its official merchandise partner for 2018, with the perspective of prolonging the cooperation also for 2019.

EUF President Andrea Furlan says:

“We received five bids from companies all over the world, but the offer that Russian company Luckygrass made us was by far the most competitve one. The presence of Luckygrass as partner at various EUF sanctioned events will include a merchandizing offer for the participants. But we are quite certain that not only the European elite players will benefit from this mutual agreement, because through our partnership also regular clubs in whole Europe are able to get reduced rates for their outfits.”

Luckygrass International Manager Kate Barabanova says:

“Luckygrass has been producing sports gear since 2011 and the European and international market has been very important for us from the beginning. That’s why we are incredibly happy to become the merchandizing partner of the European Ultimate Federation and help ultimate development around Europe. Since almost all our office employees are ultimate players, we know how it is important to look good, feel comfy on the field and don’t spend tons of money on this. That’s why we are always happy to offer a 25% discount to all elite teams that will participate at Championships – Europeans or Worlds – and a 15% discount for all teams that will take part in EUCRs. We are also happy to support the young generation and provide a 25% discount for youth teams and players under 18 years old.”

Check out their website at


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The EUF is pleased to announce Eurodisc as the official disc partner for the 2018-2019 seasons!

After the successful evaluation in 2017 of the WFDF-approved competition disc Eurodisc 175g 4.0 Organic and the smooth introduction in all EUF youth competitions, EUF has decided to extend its usage to all EUF sanctioned events.
The Eurodisc 175g 4.0 Organic will be the official disc for all EUF tournaments and Camps. 

This does not mean that games MUST be played with Eurodisc 175g 4.0 Organic.

At all EUF sanctioned tournaments there will be a sufficient number of Eurodisc game discs at every field. They can be used in warmup before the games. 

The game disc regulation is the following:

  • If both teams don´t want to play with Eurodisc 175g 4.0 Organic they are allowed to play with a different disc.
  • If one team wants to play with Eurodisc 175g 4.0 Organic and the other team doesn’t, in adult events the another disc will be used.
  • If one team wants to play with Eurodisc 175g 4.0 Organic and the other team doesn’t, in junior events the Eurodisc game disc will be used.

This agreement is in-line with the decision made at the EUF General Assembly 2017 in Veenendaal, ratified by all EUF member federations.

PDF Version

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#RoadToCincinati - the EUF Streaming Calendar

EUF in cooperation with has already covered 5 Ultimate Tournaments in the last month and we are keeping on with this amazing rythm, broadcasting every weekend at least 1 tournament of the full featured ultimate streaming, produced by, or from the ultimate sideline view .
This makes tons of good material which we can use to prome our sport inside and outside our community!!
In order to continue to produce so much material we need as much support from you and the community as possible.
If you want access to an amazing on-demand archive of top games, and if you want to continue seeing great free content from each tournament, then we need you to subscribe! 
Follow Europes Elite teams as they prepare for WUCC #roadtocincinati 
And get your fanseat subscription now!
watch the #RoadToCincinati Promotion Video and stay tuned on the EUF Facebook Page:


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Call for Bids for EYUC2019 as joind or split event for U17 and U20


 download PDF Version

One time situation in 2019: EUC runs June 29-July 6; WJU24 July 13-20. Theses weeks are to be avoided.
Location: after many editions in western Europe, EUF is giving strong preference to a host in Eastern/Central Europe. Simplified: anything east of Germany. Please do check with EUF when in doubt!
Time Line:
may 31 2018:             Declaration of interest
June 30st:                  Bid draft complete, provisional budget
Aug 31th:                   Shortlist by EUF
Sept. 30th:                 Bid selection published
All mails shall be sent to
Tournament length:
6 full match days + finals day; opening ceremony and match optional
Target Date is Aug. 3-10.  As alternatives also other dates in July or August are possible. The weeks June 29-July 7 and July 13-20 should be strongly avoided
Number of Teams:
There should be space for up to 70 teams
Number of Players:
In the previous events the average number of participants was around 25, including staff, guests and coaches. EYUC17 had ~1200 participants.
Venue for Single Event
Minimum 13 WFDF-conform fields (between 100m x 37m + 5m restrain lines, minimum 90m x 33m + 3m restrain lines around each field) are necessary. Please provide backup plan in case of rain, like higher number of fields available, turf fields, etc.
Football goals must be removed or protected, for the safety of the players.
Having all pitches on 1 site is an asset.
Having a grand stand for showcase games is an asset.
Please add in the bid a google map link of the venue(s) and describe the grass quality.
Venue for split events:
It is possible to send a reduced bit for U17 only or U20 only
As Youth Ultimate is growing, the team numbers have risen strongly. We are aware it may not be possible to find a host for 65 teams or more; so we do grant the possibility to bid for only U20 or U17.
U20: 35-45 teams, minimum 8 fields + rain plan
U17: 20-30 teams, minimum 5 fields + rain plan
Please consider 2 Person per field/game plus at least 6 persons to manage volunteers, fields, accommodation, social events, service coordination etc.
EUF supports the Tournament Organization Committee with 3 experienced Youth Event Coordinators, who need to get free lodging and food as all volunteers and their travel costs covered. Please consider the costs for these extra volunteers in your budget.
Medical staff and/or paramedics/physiotherapists and First Aid-material must be available at the fields. Fix ambulance at the fields is an asset.
Please describe your medical plan in your bid.
Low budget (floor space, camping, hostels,…) accommodation must be offered for at least 25% of the planned participants .
Price range for the various accommodations must be indicated in the budget. Be prepared that teams or individuals may want to stay an extra day prior to/after event.
Please add in the bid a google map link of the accommodation and the distance to the venue(s).
At least breakfast and warm dinner must be provided.
Drinking water must be available at each pitch.
Please indicate where and how you plan to provide meals and the indicative costs.
Indicate how the tournament location can be reached (distance to airports, public transportation system,…).
If a shuttle service is necessary between accommodation and venue(s) indicate the planned costs and how it will be organized.
Indicate if you plan a pickup service from the next Airport / Train Station.
Having a tournament location which minimizes the travelling costs and so reduces the overheads of moving large groups of kids, is an asset.
Social Events:
Opening ceremony on Saturday including show case game.
Awards and closing ceremony on Sat/Sun afternoon.
Both of them will be run together with two EUF delegates.
Trading night and a farewell party should be considered. More social events are desirable. There will be some bye especially for the U17 teams, that could be filled with social/cultural events.
EUF like WFDF has a strict no-alcohol policy for all youth events (please refer to WFDF Bid Guidelines §4.5.H).
Please shortly describe the plan for the social events.
Media Visibility:
The Tournament will be streamed by a professional crew.
A 10Mbs Upload Internet Connection must be available on the field(s), which will be live streamed. EUF will do the initial coordination. The ToC will be responsible for the implementation of the streaming requirement.
Social Media Marketing has also become more and more important in our sport.
Please indicate if and how you plan to increase the tournament visibility and which budget you reserve for this.
EUF will provide webspace on and on
Medals will be provided and paid by EUF. Spirit of the Game and Winner Trophies must be covered by the tournament budget or by sponsors.
A tournament gift per player is not necessary and should be considered only if covered by a sponsor.
Tournament costs to the individual player including travel costs will be a central criterion for bid selection. We want to enable all interested teams to attend and not to exclude anyone for cost reasons.
As a reference consider that the previous EYUC had a “cost to player” of about 250€, including budget accommodation, food (HB), player’s fee and share of the team fee. For the budget plan, please use the EUF template.
We want to make clear that people, who work hard on these events, should receive some reasonable payment, nevertheless, being a youth competition, management costs should be kept to the minimum.
The EUF committee wants to make sure that it is able to get very clear visibility of all the costs; that costs are reasonable, and that we help make sure players don’t pay for things that they might prefer not to have if given the choice.
Host Eligibility:
All bids must include a description of the relationship of the bid committee with the National Federation (NF). 
If the bid committee is not directly affiliated with the NF, the final bid must include a letter of endorsement from the NF.
The NF does not necessarily have to be involved with the planning of the event, but they must be aware of and support your intentions.
No bid can be accepted without this documentation.
We warmly suggest potential bidders to check the best practices described in the WFDF Bid Guideline and WFDF Tournament Director's Manual.
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The EUF are pleased to announce Fanseat as the official media partner for the 2018 outdoor season! The multi-platform subscription service available worldwide will once again be supporting Elite European Ultimate by live streaming nine featured tournaments as well as coverage of many other ‘Sideline View’ events from across the continent! This means over 30 events will be available to view wouldwide both Live and on-demand!


For the first time in Ultimate history, fans will be able to watch over 30 grass and beach Ultimate tournaments Live and on demand. Live streamed with commentators, it will be accessible on the sports entertainment service Fanseat – Fans will need to pay a fee of 7,99€/month (with the first two weeks free) to enjoy all the Ultimate tournaments as well as other Live sports and leagues that Fanseat produce including football, basketball, ice hockey, handball, floorball and more.

The agreement includes bringing veteran ultimate producer,, back to Europe to manage the production of the featured events, whilst EUF ‘Sideline’ events will be produced and managed directly by EUF with a lighter production equipment and crew. technical manager, Mike Palmer, who was recently responsible for the 2018 World U24 Championships coverage from Perth Australia says, “I am excited to work with the EUF and Fanseat again this season. This is a fantastic opportunity to increase the visibility of the sport we love.”

The nine featured events include three EUCS Regional qualification events, and the European Ultimate Championship Finals in Wroclaw, Poland. We start in just two weeks with Tom’s Tourney, Bruges, offering the chance to see how some of Europe’s top teams are preparing for their appearance at WUCC Cincinnati!

EUF president Andrea Furlan says:

“This strategic partnership with Fanseat allows us not only to produce hundreds of hours of top quality material, but also to distribute free-to-view content, like tournament daily highlights on Facebook! This is probably the best and most effective way to promote the European Ultimate Spirit also outside the community, to recruit new players and to improve the general level watching and learning directly from the best European Teams! In this way, a Fanseat subscription is a support for and an investment in European Ultimate!

The seasons ends in October with a second continental title up for grabs, with the exciting inclusion of the first ever European Beach Ultimate Club Championships. Patrick van der Valk, President of Beach Ultimate Association BULA, says: “It will be great that fans worldwide will be able to watch top level beach ultimate at the first edition of this new championship in Castelldefels, Spain. I full heartedly agree with Andrea Furlan that the partnership with Fanseat is designed to help grow the sport and showcase the great spirit of European (beach) ultimate. I am excited to watch much more (beach) ultimate this year than ever before!”

Continuing from their support last year, Fanseat and the EUF are working together to improve the viewing experience and address user feedback, meaning individual games are easier to search for and watch back on their system! All featured events can be found here, while a full list of events that will be covered will be updated on the EUF website!

For Jean-Maël Gineste, General Manager at Fanseat Europe “This partnership with the EUF and all Tournament Directors involved on this project  is representing for Fanseat another exciting partnership covering live streaming for sports enthusiasts. We are very proud and enthusiastic to help the EUF grow to the next level with our support and provide the Ultimate community around the world the possibility to follow a very large selection of Live tournaments on grass and beach on our digital streaming services, available on PC, mobile and tablet.”

By supporting this project you are helping support the growth of European Ultimate! So get your subscription sorted and persuade your teammates to do the same! Get ready for an action packed season of quality ultimate coverage in 2018! 

About Fanseat 

Fanseat is a sports entertaining streaming service offering wide selection of national, local and emerging sports. With Fanseat you can share your sports moments with fans, friends and family. Fanseat is featuring several sports eg. football, ice hockey, basketball, handball and has attracted sports enthusiasts from over 100 countries. Fanseat offers each year thousands of live matches and other sporting events available internationally. 



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EUC2019 will take place in Györ (HUN) from June 29th to July 6th 2019 in the divisions Men, Women, Mixed

It’s a great pleasure to inform you that the EUF board assigned the organization of the European Ultimate Championship 2019 (EUC 2019) to the Hungarian Federation and the City of Györ.
The EUC2019 will be played in the divisions Men, Women and Mixed and will start on June 29th with the opening ceremony and will end on July 6th with the finals and the medals ceremony. As announce in 2016, the masters divisions will be played in a separate event.
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Train the Trainer Certificate - Seminars 2018

Dear European Ultimate Community
EUF launched in 2017 the Train the Trainer Certification Programme, with the goal to provide future trainers with a standardize methodology and a "tool-box" full of drills, tipps and tricks, so that they will able to do grass roots ultimate development in their communities in a high qualitative and efficient way. 
Date Location TtT Level
April 20-22 2018 Heidelberg Level 1 - Session 1
May (exact date still tbd) Poland (exact location still tbd) Level 1 - Session 1
May (exact date still tbd) Riga (Latvia) Level 1 - Session 1
Oct.-Nov. (exact date still tbd) Istanbul Level 1 - Session 1
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EUF Position concerning the adoption of Game Advisors on EUF sactioned events


Dear European Ultimate Community,

EUF has never adopted GAs so far, and there are no plans to introduce them in the EUF sanctioned events. 
According to the EUF Bylaws, if a member federation would like to introduce this aspect in EUF sanctioned events, we would need to discuss it during the General Assembly (in the yearly event, or in a meeting called specifically regarding the topic). A decision would be taken in that forum.
At present, the EUF is still adopting the following strategy, using options already covered by the rules:
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Full List of EYUCamps and EYUCups in SUmmer 2018


Dear youth ultimate players and coaches in Europe,

As announced, there will be several EYUCamps held over the summer. These are directed at ultimate playing juniors, of all play levels.

An EYUCamp will typically last four days, filled with ultimate drills, but also plenty of time for social activities. The camp will end with a hat tournament of the participants. Additionally,at some locations there will be an EYUCup tournament for national youth teams before or after the camp.

The EYUCamps are directed at all youth players, not only those we see every year in the national youth teams. You do need some ulti experience to participate, but do not need to be a national youth team player.

The experience for the participating kids will not only be ultimate, but also an international meeting. We are aiming to have both the participants and also the coaches from a mix of nations at each camp. Coaching and interaction will happen mainly in English. So a camp shall be a time filled with international action, friendship, and SOTG. All in a setting of high level ultimate learning.

Registration opening in March.

Go to full list of EYUCamps and EYUCups 2018

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Job Offer: EUF is looking for a Media Manager as an external contractor

The European Ultimate Federation (EUF) are cooperating with the online-streaming company Fanseat who are expanding their coverage of European Ultimate. In order to coordinate marketing and social media for this coverage, EUF is looking for a Media Manager as an external contractor.
Timeframe:    April 2018 -  October 2018
Closing Date: Applications due by
Sunday 25 February 2018


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Request for Proposal: EUF Sponsor and Official Apparel / Merchandise Supplier – season 2018


download PDF  

The European Ultimate Federation (EUF), the governing body for the sport of Ultimate in Europe is looking for a Merchandise Partner for the Season 2018


EUF would need a partner for the Apparel of
  • All Certified EUF Trainers and Support Staff at the EYUCamps – about 10-15 Persons per EYUCamp
  • The Toc and Support Staff at the EUCF in Wroclaw – about 10 persons in the ToC and 30 Support Staff
  • The EUF Train the Trainer Coaches and Participants – about 10 Coaches and 60 Participants


In your proposal please provide
  • A description of your organization and your goals, including your experience with Official Merchandise, event sponsorships, and other apparel partnerships
  • A brief description of your products
  • A list of benefits you will provide to the EUF, including a financial offer
  • A list of benefits you expect the EUF to provide to your organization
  • Testimonials from other event organizers if available


Bids should be sent to the EUF Board ( within February 28th 2018



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The EUCF 2018 will take place in Wroclaw (POL) on Oct. 5th-7th 2018

The best 24 Open, 12 Women and 12 Mixed European Club Teams will plays 3 days long for the title of European Ultimate Club Champion 2018.
The EUF can rely on the very experienced TOC, that has already organized the EUCF2015, WJUC2016 and the World Games 2017 on that venue.
Bids for EUCF2018
Region Open Women Mixed
W 4 2 2
C 6 2 4
S 6 2 2
E 4 3 2
N 4 3 2
Waitinglist S,C,E,N,W S,W,E,C,N W,E,N,C,S
Calculation of the EUCF 2018 Bids


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Call for bids for Ultimate Culture Camps 2018


This is the call for bids for the European Youth Ultimate Culture Camps (EYUCamps) for all Junior Players and if appropriate, for European Youth Ultimate Cups (EYUCups).

The camp is mainly targeted for players between 14 and 17 years of age with at least one year of playing experience. Older Junior players may be accepted in agreement with the regional Camp Organizing Committee and EUF.

The EYUCup is adressed to National Teams. The divisions may vary from location to location.

The EUF Youth Committee has announced that in 2018 we plan to co-host regional “Youth Ultimate Culture Camps” for players to encourage grass roots development of young players throughout Europe. A number of national federations have expressed interest in hosting one of the 4-5 camps. 

In order to support the national team development programs in 2018, the EUF can see regional U17 / U20 Men and Women National Team tournaments (EYUCups) with 2 or more countries happening on the Saturday and Sunday before or after the EYUCamp. This is to be a separate event which should use as many synergies as possible with the EYUCamp.

Call for Bids (PDF Version)

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Call for Bids EUC 2019


Dear European Ultimate Federation Members

Please distribute the call for bids for hosting the European Ultimate National Teams Championship 2019 (EUC2019) within your board and to experience Tournament Organisers.

Call for Bids EUC2019: HTML Version - PDF Version

The year 2019 will be a very crowded year with

  • EUC 2019 (ideally in the week mid of July 2019)
  • European Beach Ultimate Championship (ECBU2019) => Call for Bids will be sent out by BULA & WFDF
  • European Ultimate Masters Championship (EUMC2019) => Call for Bids will be sent out once the ECBU2019 dates are fixed
  • Worlds U24 => Call for Bids will be sent out by WFDF
  • Universiade (July 3rd- 14th – unclear if ultimate will be invited)
  • European Youth Ultimate Championship (EYUC2019) => ideally in the first week of August 2019
  • EUCS2019 (EUCRs typically end of August, EUCF typically end of September)

EUF is in close contact with WFDF and BULA to try to optimize the summer season 2019. 

Looking forward to recieving many competitive bids



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EUCF2017 Results


 Dear European Ultimate Federations!


The EUCF2017 featured 3 days of intence highly spirited games in the Italian sun of Caorle (Venice).

24 Open, 12 Women and 12 Mixed teams competed for the title of European Ultimate Club Champions 2017.

Congratulation to Clapham Ultimate (Open), Atletico (Women) and Grut (Mixed)!

The EUF asked the teams to do a Spirit Circle also before the game with the goal to have everybody commit in advance how to deal with each other during the game and, thanks to the contact you have during the circle, to reduce potential latent aggressivity some players might have. The numbers tell us that this approached worked very well and we experienced probably the best spirited EUCF ever. The Teams demonstrated that you can have close games (21% of the games on Saturday ended in universe point!!) with full respect of the rules and the Spirit of the Game values!
Congratulations to all participants for this great example!
The spirit award went to FWD>> (Open), Mantis & Crazy Dogs Women (Women) and Left Overs (Mixed)

All Results are under

Spirit Results:

We would like to ask you to give us your personal feedback about the experiment with the Spirit Circle before the games and in general about the EUCF2017. Please take 2 minutes time to fill in this form 

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EUCF2018 will take place from Oct. 5th to 7th in Wroclaw (PL)


Dear EUF member Federations

The EUF Board is pleased to announce that the EUCF2018 will take place from Oct. 5th to 7th in Wroclaw (PL).

The best 24 Open, 12 Women and 12 Mixed European Club Teams will plays 3 days long for the title of European Ultimate Club Champion 2018.

The EUF can rely on the very experienced TOC, that has already organized the EUCF2015, WJUC2016 and the World Games 2017 on that venue.

The Regional Committees will open the call for bids for the EUCRs in fall.

Grazie e ciao


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Meeting Minutes EUF General Assembly 2017 - Veenendaal


Dear EUF Members

Here you can find the EUF General Assembly 2017 Minutes.

We are looking for members for the Indoor Rules committee. Please send us applications within Dec. 31st 2017


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EUCF2017 Bid distribution


Dear member Federations

As a consequence of the new Open format and on the transfer of Ireland from the South to the West region there is following bids distribution for the EUCF2017


Bids for EUCF2016
Region Open Women Mixed
W 6 2 3
C 5 2 2
S 5 3 1
E 5 3 4
N 3 2 2
Bids for EUCF2017
Region Open Women Mixed
W 4 2 2
C 6 2 3
S 6 3 2
E 4 3 3
N 4 2 2
Waitinglist E,W,S,C,N S, W, E,N,C E, W,N,C,S

There have been a early misscommunication of the bids for the West region in the Open division. We apologize for that.


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EUCF new Open Division Format: Single division with 24 teams starting with EUCF2017


Evaluation of the current format of EUCF

The EUF board has evaluated the current situation of European Ultimate and the format of the EUCF within the board members and the help of a small survey that was sent to specific teams only (not to exclude some, but to get an idea of some opinions). Current questions are:


- Numbers of teams at EUCF (16, 24, 32)

- Changing 8 Elite and 16 Challengers into 12/12 which possibly better represents the strength of the teams (but also makes it less „elite“)

- How to distribute Elite spots: currently 1 spot guaranteed for each region is controversial

- Is a separation into Elite and Challenger pools still necessary at all


Format Changes

Several format changes have been discussed and the EUF has come to the following conclusions: 

- A separation into Elite and Challenger is no longer necessary

- Eliminating the separation into elite and challenger pool has many advantages that overweigh the few disadvantages

- EUCR remains important even without elite-pools 



- The new Format will be one Open division only: 6 pools of 4 teams (top 16 proceed to pre-quarters)

- The format will be changed as for EUCF 2017 (Results of already played qualifiers EUCR-C were checked and are not affected)


Thoughts on format change in Open division

The original idea of forming an Elite pool was when format changed from 16 to 24 open teams but the level gap of teams was higher than it is now. In order to prevent blowout games and give teams more equal opponents throughout the EUCF, an elite-pool of 8 teams was formed. This would also make EUCR more interesting, as elite-qualified teams would have increased chances at EUCF. The level of Open teams at EUCF has increased since then and the EUF thinks that the separation into elite and challenger pool is not necessary anymore. Also, benefits of the new format are overweighing the current format in many aspects which are:

- Same chance for everyone to win the title, not giving more advantage to elite teams than to others

- Same amount of games*

- Elimination of distribution issues of elite-spots amongst regions

- EUCR is still very important (a good result at EUCR gives you better chances of winning EUCF)

- Schedule is easy to understand (also for spectators) 

*With 24 teams it’s unpreventable that some play less games than others, so seven games for 1-16 and six games for 17-24

The EUF apologizes for the rather late notice, especially to EUCR - Central teams who have played qualifications already. The schedule and results have been checked and the new format doesn’t affect any of the results.


Future considerations


The EUF is observing the level and development of teams in Europe and will consider to increase the numbers of Mens teams to 32 teams at two different tournaments (16/16) if necessary and appropriate

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Davide Morri from FIFD appointed as "EUF Trainer Instructor" for the Train the Trainer Program in Debrecen


Dear member federations


The EUF is happy to announce that the Education & Development Committee appointed Davide Morri from the Federazione Italiana Flying Disc (FIFD) as "EUF Trainer Instructor". He will be responsible to plan and run the Train the Trainer Program in Debrecen on July 14th-16th. EUF will adopt the FIFD Level 1 Trainer Manual for this first camp, which will coved following points:

  • Role and Reposibilities of a Trainer
  • How to teach the Spirit of the Game
  • How to teach fondamentals (throws and catches)
  • EUF approved FIFD Drill Book: Methodology, Skill Level, Context for different drills
  • Didactic progression for schools and beginner teams
  • Adapt drills to space, players' number and skill level
  • How to plan and structure training

Davide Morri is 34 years old and he is Lecture of Ultimate at the Sport University of Bologna. He is FIFD Level 3 (highest level possible) Trainer since 2010. He has developed as member of the FIFD Education and Development Committee the actual Italian Trainer Curriculum, which he has applied for several years in Italy and in other coutries for the development of junior and student programs. His core team is CUSB Bologna but he played various seasons for FAB and for teams in the USA and in South America.

Davide will be assited in Debrecen by Marc Michael "Schlumpf" Huber from the Austrian Federation and from Leontine Sonneveldt from the Dutch Flying Disc Association.

Schlumpf is in progress of obtaining an official Trainer License from the Austrian National Sport Committee and worked as Trainer and played in almost all continents.

Leo is a certified Trainer and has a master degree at the Johann Cruyff Institute. She has been coaching for almost 15 years at club and national team level. She is running the trainer level 1 course of the Dutch Federation.

Together with Davide and with other trainer professionals, they will enhance the FIFD Trainer Curriculum and create a EUF one, which can be used by other EUF members that haven't an own one yet.


We wish Leo, Davide, Schlumpf and all other Trainer Professionals that will volunteer to create the EUF Trainer Curriculum all the best for this extremely important task for the development of Ultimate in Europe!


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Eurodisc official disc partner for all European Youth Ultimate Events 2017


Dear Ultimate Community

In January 2017 WFDF and USA-Ultimate officially declared Eurodisc 175g 4.0 Organic (Hot Stamp) Ultimate Disc as approved Championship Level Ultimate disc:

After an exhaustive internal evaluation, EUF decided to start an official partnership with Eurodisc. Eurodisc will be the official disc partner for all European Youth Ultimate Events 2017 (EYUCup 2017 in Debrecen and EYUC 2017 in Veenendaal). All games at these events will be played with Eurodisc 175g 4.0 Organic Ultimate Discs. If both teams agree, the use of a different game disc will be tolerated.

Luca Miglioretto, EUF Board Member and winner of many Windmill Pull-Contests evaluated the Eurodisc 175g 4.0 Organic (Hot Stamp) Ultimate Disc for the EUF:

What’s different between Discraft and Eurodiscs?

As all non-Discraft Ultimfate Discs, Eurodisc is more stable (falls towards Inside quicker), and actually the Eurodisc is balanced very well, which others are not. It is more stable than Discraft, which is a good thing, but not too stable like Daredevil.

How will it affect players?

Eurodisc is in general slightly forgiving on unclean technique. This means it’s easier to throw for beginners. Also, Eurodiscs are easier to huck than Discraft. They stay upright and float longer. Discraft requires a much better&”clean" technique. Starting from zero, players will be able to handle the Eurodisc better than Discraft, and being able to huck easier will result in a more interesting game in general.

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Call for bids for the EUCF2018


Dear member federations 

The EUF officially opens the call for bids for the EUCF 2018. This will assign the title of European Club Champion in the division Open, Women, Mixed.

Deadlines and requirements are here.

Shortly we will also open the call for bids for the EUC 2019 (National Teams in the Divisions Men, Women, Mixed) and EMUC (National Teams in the Divisions Men Masters, Women Masters, Mixed Masters).

After the summer we will also open the call for bids for the EUCF 2019.

Please consider that only federations can bid or clubs/individuals with a letter of reference from a EUF member federation.

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FIVE Ultimate is EUF official merchandizing producer for the EUF Season 2017


Dear Ultimate Community,

EUF is very happy to announce our partnership with the FIVE Ultimate to act as the Official Merchandise provider for all 2017 EUF events!

FIVE Ultimate will be set up with a full merchandise booth at the European Youth Ultimate Championships in Veenendaal, NL (August) as well as the European Ultimate Championship Finals in Venice, IT (September). You'll also find Five gear at the European Youth Ultimate Cup in Debrecen (July) as well as the European Ultimate Masters Club Championships in Frankfurt (August)!
In addition to supporting the upcoming EUF events, we are excited to announce that FIVE Ultimate will support the new EUF Train-the-Trainer program, which will have the first camp in Debrecen during the European Youth Ultimate Cup!
We look forward to partnering with FIVE Ultimate in 2017 and beyond!


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EUF Mixed Championships are played with the "end zone decides" rule


Dear Member Federations

The WFDF Competition Rules 2017 introduced new possibilities to determine the Men/Women Ratio in the mixed division.

The EUF Board would like to inform you that following option will be used in all EUF sanctioned tournament in the mixed divisions

A7.3. Ratio Rule B (“end zone decides” rule):
A7.3.1. At the start of the game, after the first disc flip, an additional disc flip happens with the winner selecting which end zone is “End zone A”, with the other end zone becoming “End zone B”. At the start of each point the Team that is at End zone A must choose the gender ratio. This process applies for the first half. For the second half, at the start of each point the Team that is at End zone B must choose the gender ratio.


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Call for Trainer for TtT in Debrecen on 14*. – 16. July

Hello Frisbee Sport Federations,

Thank you for your response to our recent online form asking about “Train the Trainer” (TtT) programs in your country.
We would like to ask the federations to:
  1. recommend professional trainers that will be available to lead the
    1. Level One TtT Session (Step One) in Debrecen on 14. (afternoon) – 16. July 2017. The session will be of 20 Units of 45 minutes (2 on Friday, 12 on Sat., 6 on Sun.)
      (*) Trainer must arrive already on July 13th evening in Debrecen.
    2. and  a Level One TtT session (Step Two) at a “EUF Regional Culture Camp” in the summer of 2018.
  2. Provide a short Curriculum Vita of your recommended professional so we know with whom we are dealing with.
  3. Allow the recommended professionals to use parts of the existing script in English to provide an agenda for the Level One TtT Session (Step One) in Debrecen. Please provide a copy of the script in English to be applied - we would like to see the topics to be addressed. Changes to existing scripts are not required at this time. The script will remain the property of the party providing the information and the EUF will not forward it to any third parties.
  4. Provide a summary of drills that can be used during the training session.  
  5. Provide an estimate to the EUF for travel costs of the professional trainer to the Level One
  6. TtT session (Step One) in Debrecen.

Full call of bid in PDF

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European Ultimate Live-Streaming on - Siege of Limerick March 4-5

27/02/2017 has agreed to cover Live key matches of the Siege of Limerick event coming up on 4th and 5th of March in Ireland. Poster attached.


Live-Streaming agreements* are running / are planned for following events:

·        Windmill (June 9-11)

·        WCBU (June 18-24)

·        Mermaid & Moe (July 28-30)

·        EYUC (August 5-11)

·        EUMCC (August 12-15)

·        EUCR-W // UK Nationals (End of August)

·        EUCF (September 29 – October 1)

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EUF Survey "Train the Trainer and Youth Ultimate Culture Camps 2018 implementation"


Dear European National associations,

We kindly ask you to answer this form ( by Feb. 15th in order to help the EUF Youth and the Education & Development Committees to reach their goals in 2017 and 2018.

Here a short summary of the plans of the Youth Committee together with the Education and Development Committee for the next several years...

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EUMCC preregistration is open until Feb. 15th 2017


Dear masters players! 
Finally it's time to show yourselves and the others, that time has passed, ‎but the spirit and the joy to play together with your teammates are still the same as in our 20ies !
The European Ultimate Masters Club Championship in the divisions open masters, women masters and mixed masters will take place in Frankfurt from Sat. August 12th to Tue. August 15th.
The exact venue (football fields from the city or polo fields in Nied) will be determined once we have a better estimation of the number of teams attending.
‎In order to do this we need you to preregister until Feb. 15th. Please do it also if your team is still unsure to have enough players.
Since there are almost no masters national Championships and stable masters Club teams we will accept the confirmation of the national federations that the teams fulfill the eligibility rules
Once  the approximate number ‎of participants is defined, we'll be able to finalize the budget and fix the fees. 
Thanks a lot for your cooperation and looking for to see the great masters-spirit on and off the pitch!
Ciao Oddi 
- the older I get, the better I was -
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EUCF2017 (open+Women+Mixed) takes place in Caorle/Venice (Italy) from Sept. 29th to Oct. 1st 2017

Dear EUF Members The EUF Board is happy to announce that the next European Ultimate Championship Finals (EUCF) will take place in Caorle/Venice (Italy) from Sept. 29th to Oct. 1st 2017. The EUCF will be organised by a very experienced Team under the lead of Paul Bernier (EUCF2006, Viareggio, Bibione organiser) and Davide "Peo" Rossetton (TD of various Italian Championships and of the Venice Beach Tournament) with the active support of the local team "Extradry". The City on Caorle is about 60km from Venice and 50km from Venice Airport. It's one of the largest beach cities in the North Adriatic, offering plenty of accommodation possibilities from low budget to luxury. The venue is a huge green area part of an airport used for light sport planes, where the ToC can build up to 13 regular ultimate fields one beside the other. The venue is 6km from the seaside and the accommodation area - a shuttle bus will be provided for those without an own car. The EUF Board would like to use this opportunity also to thank all volunteers that helped the EUF in all possible Areas in 2016 and to wish all EUF members and the European Ultimate Community a Merry Christmas and a highly spirited and competitive 2017!! grazie e ciao oddi
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EYUC2017 (U17+U20) takes place in Veenendaal (NED) from August 5th to 11th


Dear EUF Members and Youth Players!


The newly formed EUF Youth Committee is happy to announce that the European Youth Ultimate Championships (EYUC) will take place in Veenendaal (NED) from August 5th to 11th 2017.

The EYUC will be organised by a very experienced team, with the support of the Dutch Flying Disc Federation and the city of Veenendaal.

The Tournament will assign the title of European Champhion in the Divisions "Open U20" (19- years old), "Women U20" (19- years old), "Open U17" (16- years old) and "Women U17" (16- years old).
The ToC expects about 50 teams, that will compete from Sat. Aug. 5th (opening cerimony) to Fri. Aug. 11th afternoon (finals and closing cerimony). 
In this way there won't be any overlapping with the European Ultimate Masters Club Championship (EUMCC2017), which will be held in Frankfurt (GER) from Aug. 12th to 15th.

Teams are very welcome to attend the European Youth Ultimate Cup East or North, that will be held on a long weekend in the first half of July respectively in Debrecen (HUN) and Tallinn (EST).


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Gabriele Sani appointed as "EUF Development and Media Coodinator"


The EUF Board appoints Gabriele Sani (ITA) as non-voting Board advisor with the role "Development and Media Coordinator".

Gabriele has covered this role as Board Member in the period 2014-2016 and we are extremely happy that he accepted to volunteer again to help EUF supporting the development of Ultimate in Europe with a special focus on the use of social media channels.

He will work close together with the EUF Secretary Alia Ayub and will coordinate volunteers and activities in social media area.

If you are interest in helping Gabriele and Alia please contact them under an



Thanks and good luck in putting in place all you great ideas!


The list of the board members with their contact date is here:


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EUMCC 2017 takes place in Frankfurt from Aug. 12th to Aug. 15th


Dear Member Federations!

Dear Masters Players!


The EUF Board is happy to announce that the European Ultimate Masters Club Championships (EUMCC) will take place in Frankfurt.

The Frankfurt Bid was the best in terms of reachability and scalability according to the number of attending teams.

Masters Club teams in the divisions "Open Masters" (33+ years old), "Women Masters" (30+ years old), "Mixed Masters" (33+ years old) will compete in a 3,5 days long tournament, starting on Sat. Aug. 12th and ending on Tue. Aug. 15th afternoon (this day is a holiday in most of Europe), for the title of European Club Champion. 
This title is assigned in the Masters divisions every 4 years. The results of this tournament will be considered for the World Masters Club Championship 2018 in Winnipeg.

It is planned to have a maximum of 2 games per day for a total of maximum 7 games.

The eligibility rules for Club Masters teams are here. Masters rosters do not fall into the eligibility rules of the EUCS in the Open, Women and Mixed division. This means that a master player may play the EUCS2017 season with an Open/Women/Mixed club team and also the EUMCC2017.

Preregistration will open soon.

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Results EUF Board Election 2016-2018


Dear Member Federations

the new EUF Board have been elected during the General Assembly in Frankfurt on Sept. 30th 2016.

  • President: Andrea "Oddi" Furlan (ITA)
  • Secretary: Alia Ayub (GBR)
  • Treasurer: Ted Beute (NED)


  • Youth: Chris Dehnhardt (GER)
  • Spirit: Dario Lucisano (ITA)
  • Women: Jarna Kalpala (FIN)
  • Mixed: Haude Hermand (FRA)
  • Open: Luca Miglioretto (SUI)
  • Education&Professionalisation: Marc Michael "Schlumpf" Huber (AUT)

Meeting Minutes


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The 2016 European Ultimate Championship Finals Streamed Live on Fanseat


The best 24 Open, 12 Women and 12 Mixed European Ultimate teams will play for the title of European Ultimate Club Champion in Frankfurt, Germany from Friday September 30th to Sunday October 2nd. Fans will be able to catch the excitement with Fanseat’s live streams.

The 2016 European Ultimate Championship Finals will be played in Frankfurt, Germany from September 30th to October 2nd. Fanseat will stream games from the main field on all competition days featuring various series and teams. The games can be watched on or with the Fanseat app on the iTunes Store.


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EUF Youth Ultimate Roadmap 2017 - 2019


2017 – 1 EYUC in western Europe - 1 EUF YOuth CUP in the eat. The events are planned 2-4 weeks apart; teams are welcome to use the Eastern Event as preparation for the EYUC.
Additionally it is planned to have a EUF Clinic for young players and youth coaches in the Baltic area.

2018 – WJUC in Canada; regional events for juniors U20 and U17 in Europe

2019 – one big EYUC (ideally in eastern Europe)

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Request for Proposal: Social Media Support @EUCF2016


Hello friend in Ultimate,

The European Ultimate Federation in cooperation with the TOC of EUCF 2016 in Frankfurt  is currently seeking bids from companies wishing to cooperate with the European Ultimate Championship Finals 2016 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany


pdf version

Social Media Support



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Request for Proposal: Broadcast production, Video Production, Live-Stream production @EUCF2016


Hello friend in Ultimate,

The European Ultimate Federation in cooperation with the TOC of EUCF 2016 in Frankfurt  is currently seeking bids from companies wishing to cooperate with the European Ultimate Championship Finals 2016 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany


pdf Version

Official Live-stream / TV-Broadcast production


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Call for Bids for the EUCF 2017


Dear member federations 

The EUF officially opens the call for bids for the EUCF 2017. This will assign the title of European Club Champion in the division Open, Women, Mixed.

The European Ultimate Masters Club Championships (EUMCC) will take place in a separate event in Summer 2017.

Deadlines and requirements are here.

Please consider that only federations can bid or clubs/individuals with a letter of reference from a EUF member federation. 

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Call for Bids for the European Ultimate Masters Club Championship 2017


In 2017 there will be the next edition of the European Ultimate Masters Club Championship (EUMCC).
The EUF Club Championship in the Masters divisions is played every 4 years.

The EUF Board has decided to hold the Masters divisions separate in time and location from the divisions without age limits.
This brings not only logistical advantages, but offers the masters divisions much more space and visibility.

Players entering in the Open and Mixed Masters divisions are eligible if they reach at least their 33rd birthday in 2017. In the Women players must reach at least their 30th birthday in 2017.

The participation to the EUMCC does not influence the eligibility limits of the EUCS . This means that Masters players can play in the Masters division at the EUMCC and can play the regular club season with their Open/Women/Mixed Teams. 

The EUF Board officially opens the Call for Bids for the organisation of the EUMCC 2017 in the divisions Open Masters and Women Masters.

Details for the call for bids are here.


Grazie e ciao


- EUF President -

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Overview Deadlines EUCS 2016 in the East Region




April 8th

registration deadline for EUCR mixed (all nations), EUCQ open/women (CEL Nations), EUCR open+women (AUT, BLR, UKR)

April 15th

deadline for the national representatives to send the team rankings.

April 22nd

Roster freeze for all divisions.

April 22nd

Teamfee payment deadline for both EUCR mixed and EUCQ o/w.
Teams, which will be trying both, must pay the EUCQ to make sure they really will be going to EUCQ. In case of qualification in Mixed the Teamfee will be refunded.

May 7th-8th

EUCR mixed in Velke Bilovice

May 9th-16th

EUCQ registration for teams from the waiting list replacing teams that qualified to EUCR mixed. Teams may extend their rosters with players from not-qualified mixed teams.

May 21st-22nd

EUCQ-NW (CEL) Open+Women in Sardice

May 23rd-June 6th

EUCR-E Open+Women Registration for teams that qualified from the EUCQ-NW (CEL)

June 30th

Teamfee payment deadline for EUCR-E Open+Women

Aug. 26th-28th

EUCR-E Open+Women in in St. Pölten


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EUCF2016 takes place in Frankfurt on Sept. 30th - Oct. 2nd


Dear EUF member Federations

The EUF Board is pleased to announce that the EUCF2016 will take place from Sept. 30th to Oct. 2nd in Frankfurth.

The EUF can rely on the very experienced TOC, that has already organized the EUCF2012, EUCF2014 and EYUC2015 on that venue.
Additionally to the known Polo fields in the Frankfurt Nied, the TOC will use up to 8 satellite fields on 2 Venues reachable in few minutes walk or by shuttle bus.

The Regional Committee will open the call for bids for the EUCRs in the next days.


Grazie e ciao


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National Team Preparation Tournament of May 14-16 in Frankfurt


Dear member federations 


As written in the Minutes of the EUF General Assembly the GA assigned Luca Miglioretto from the Swiss federation the task to check the possibility to have a preparation tournament for national teams in 2016, with the chance to identify a fix weekend also for the years after. 


Luca interviewed many national team Coaches and came to the conclusion that the long weekend May 14-16 is the one that fits most for a common preparation tournament for 2016.


The EUF Board is of the opinion that having a fix event per year where national teams can play and experiment with new players and setups will make European national teams much more competitive without impacting the plans and the tournament calendar of clubs.


The organizers of skyline cup and EUCF2014 are able to host a large tournament in 2016 in Frankfurt (GER),  that respects the EUF games and fields requirements.

We encourage national teams to participate this event in 2016.

We want to make clear though that it is completely up to every federation to decide how to plan the season of their national teams and whether rather to apply for a spot at large invitation tournament, whether to use this long weekend for training camps, or whether to register for this "national teams only" event.


Thanks a lot to Luca for the great work!


We hope that you will also like this idea of fix national teams preparation events and that the one in 2016 will be the first of a long successful series.

In any case we plan to collect feedback whether the period, the format and the location fit the majority and which adjustments should be made for the further years.


Grazie e ciao



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Meeting Minutes EUF General Assembly 2015 in Copenhagen


Management Summary:

  • EUF Board made a very good job in 2014 and entered various strategic partnerships
  • EUF board is confirmed and discharged by private liability
  • EUF substainability and travel policies have been approved
  • Auditors might review also budgets of EUF sanctioned events
  • Swiss Federation investigates in fixing a weekend for a yearly tournament for national teams

Grazie e ciao


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Regional Bid Distribution for the EUCF2016


Dear European Ultimate Federations,


According to the results of the EUCF2015 in Wroclaw, this is the Regional Bid distribution for the EUCF2016


Region Open Bids 2016 Elite 2016
W 5 1
C 5 3
S 6 2
E 4 1
N 4 1
Waitinglist E,W,C,S,N  

Details of the bid allocation system applied to the EUCF 2015 results



Region Women Bids 2016
W 2
C 2
S 3
E 3
N 2
Waitinglist W, E, S, C, N

Details of the bid allocation system applied to the EUCF 2015 results



Region Mixed Bids 2016
W 2
C 2
S 2
E 4
N 2
Waitinglist W,C,S,N,E

Details of the bid allocation system applied to the EUCF 2015 results



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EUCF2015 Final Standings


The EUCF2015 in Wroclaw was the largest in terms players ever: 1005 registered players!

EUF concratules all medals and spirit winners

EUCF2015Top3 Ranking

Final Standings and Spirit Scores

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EUC2015 Final Standings


The EUF congratulates all Medals and Spirit Winners for their performance!

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The European Ultimate mourns the loss of Sébastien Martineau



C'est avec une profonde tristesse que nous déplorons le décès de Sébastien Martineau, qui nous a quitté soudainement le 11 juillet. En tant que membre de l’Équipe de France Master, il devait participer aux prochains Championnats d'Europe d'Ultimate. Toute la communauté européenne d'Ultimate présente ses sincères condoléances à sa famille, ses amis et ses coéquipiers.

Pour le conseil des EUF et le sous-comités


Andrea "Oddi" Furlan

- EUF President -

It is with great sadness that we mourn the loss of Sébastien Martineau who passed away suddenly on 11 July. A member of the French Master's team, he was due to compete at the upcoming European Ultimate Championships. The entire European Ultimate community send their deepest condolences to his family, friends and teammates.

For the EUF Board and all subcommittees

Andrea "Oddi" Furlan

- EUF President -


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call for bidsfor the EUCF 2016


 Dear member federations 

The EUF officially opens the call for bids for the EUCF 2016.

Deadlines and requirements are here.

Please consider that only federations can bid or clubs/individuals with a letter of reference from a EUF member federation. 


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Invitation to the EUF General Assembly 2015 in Copenhagen on Tue July 28th


Dear European Ultimate Federations,

on Tuesday July 28th from 20:00 to 22:00 during the EUC2015 in Copenhagen, there will be the annual EUF general assembly, where at least 1 representative per federation is kindly invited to attend.

Below you can find the temporary agenda for the EUF General Assembly. Please feel free to add more topics within July 14th.


  1. Welcome of the EUF President
  2. Approval of the Agenda
  3. Short personal presentation of the participants (max. 15 min)
  4. Check of the participants list and certification of the quorum
  5. Report of the President about the EUF Board activities in 2014-2015 (max. 20 mins)
  6. Report of the Treasurer about the EUF capital situation (max. 10 mins)
  7. Report of the Auditors about the EUF capital situation (max. 5 mins)
  8. Discharge of the board from private liability
  9. Tool Topics
    1. UltimateCentral as Event Platform for EUF events
  10. EUC Topics
    1. EUF Event Participation Agreement
    2. EUF support of some countries
    3. AOB concerning National Team Championships
  11. EUCS Topics
    1. Roster Submission and Eligibility Checks
    2. Feedback how EUCR work in the regions
    3. AOB concerning Club Team Championships
  12. AOB (max. until 22:00)

 Please register your delegates in ultimatecentral

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EUC2015 Registration Process and Requirements


Dear Member Federations,

Dear Teams registered in the EUC 2015
Soon the Player’s Registration for the EUC2015 will be open.
There are some differences respect to the registration, which we would like you to be aware of, in order to have a quick process.
  • Each Participant must perform the registration for the EUC himself
  • The WFDF Rules Accreditation check will be dne online
  • Player’s Eligibility
  • WFDF Participation Agreement
  • Player’s Registration Status will be “pending”
  • Team Names and Team Icon on

PDF Version


Read Details ...

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Regional Bids for EUCF 2015 and EUCRs Dates


Dear European Ultimate Federations,


The CSC has fixed the number of bids each region has for the EUCF 2015 in Wroclaw and the dates of the EUCRs.


Region Open Bids 2015 (Elite+Challenger) Elite 2015
W 5 2
C 4 2
S 6 2
E 5 1
N 4 1
Waitinglist W,C,S,E,N  

Details of the bid allocation system applied to the EUCF 2014 results


Region Women Bids 2015
W 2
C 3
S 2
E 3
N 2
Waitinglist N,C,W,S,E

Details of the bid allocation system applied to the EUCF 2014 results


Region Mixed Bids 2014
W 2
C 2
S 2
E 4
N 2
Waitinglist S,W,C,N,E

Details of the bid allocation system applied to the EUCF 2014 results


West (Open, Women, Mixed): August 22-23 in Southampton (GBR)

North (Open, Women, Mixed): August 15-16 in Tallinn (EST)

Central (Mixed): August 22-23 in Eschende (NED)

Central (Open, Women): August 29-30 in Ghent (BEL)

South (Open, Women): August 29-30 in Bologna (ITA)

South (Mixed): August 22-23 in Madrid (ESP) 

East (Open, Women): June 26-28 in Sankt Pölten (AUT)

East (Mixed): August 29-30 in Velke Bilovice (CZE)

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EUF on Facebook, Twitter and GooglePlus

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The EUCF 2015 will take place in Wroclaw (POL) on Oct. 2nd-4th


EUCF 2015 will take place in Wroclaw (PL) from October 2nd to October 4th.

Teams are supposed to arrive on Thursday October 1st.
The venue is the same of the EYUC 2011 and offers 12 pitches at the same site.
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EYUC 2015 will take place in Frankfurt on August 3rd-8th

The EYUC 2015 in the divisions
  • U20 Open & Women (born on Jan 1st 1996 or after)
  • U17 Open & Women (born on Jan 1st 1999 or after)
will take place in Frankfurt Nied (same location as EUCF 2014 and 2012).
The Tournament will start on Monday August 3rd late afternoon with the opening cerimony and will end on Saturday August 8th evening. It is expected that most teams will travel back on Sunday August 9th.
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EUF supports EFDF in its EOC recognition process and for the participation of Ultimate in the European Games 2019

Ultimate is developing fast and WFDF and EFDF are making incredibly high efforts respectively at world and European level in getting recognition within the Olympic Committees.
EUF, as governing body for Ultimate within the EFDF, is directly affected by this process and is ready to actively shape the future of European Ultimate within the EOC family.
The EUC 2015 in Copenhagen will be a perfect show case event to convince the international sport community that Ultimate and Disc Sports are ready to be admitted into
the elite multi-sport events.
The EUF board is aware that adding more and more events will force a replanning of our calendar, probably also at world level, and that there is a certain risk that parties extern to Ultimate might try to change the game in order to make it better sellable.
For these reasons it is even more necessary that EUF, with its deep roots within the Spirit of the Game and Self-Refereeing and it visionary attitude, gets directly involve since from the beginning in this evolution process.
The EUF board officially offers its support in helping EFDF in its EOC recognition and in the application for having Ultimate at the European Games 2019.
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New EUF Board elected at the General Assembly in Frankfurt


here you can find the presentation and the meeting minutes of the yearly EUF General Assembly.

The new Board Members for the term 2015-2016 are

Board (3 Persons):
President: Andrea „Oddi“ Furlan (ITA)
Secretary: Alia Ayub (GBR)
Treasurer: Ted Beute (NED)
Director at Large (6 Positions):
Dario Lucisano (ITA) – Spirit Chair
Christoph Dehnhardt (GER) – Youth Chair
Jarna Kalpala (FIN) – Women Chair
Klemen Zupancic (SLO) – Bid selection
Gabriele Sani (ITA) – Sport Development
Marc Michael „Schlumpf“ Huber (AUT)here you can find the presentation and the meeting minutes of the yearly EUF General Assembly.
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EUCF2014 Final Standings


The European Club Champions 2014 are SUN (mixed), Icini (women) and Clapham (open)!

The Gaia Spirit Award goes to FlyHigh (mixed), Prague Devils (women) and Gentle (open)!


Congratulation to all teams for these great results!

Final Standings

Placement Open Women Mixed
Gold  Clapham Ultimate  Iceni  Sun Frisbee Club De Créteil
Silver  Freespeed  Flying Angels Bern (FAB)  Grandmaster Flash
Bronze  Bad Skid  Woodchicas  Terrible Monkeys
4th  Chevron Action Flash  E 6  Flow Wrocław
5th  CUSB LA FOTTA  box  Budapest
6th  Heidees  G-LUV  Ultimate CUS Brescia - Bubba
7th  Otso  Prague Devils  Airborn
8th  Flying Angels Bern (FAB)  JinX  UFO (Utrecht)
9th  East Midlands Open (emo)  Lemon Grass  Birmingham Ultimate
10th  Iznogood  SYC  FlyHigh
11th  Cotarica Grandes  Helsinki Ultimate Women  Pingu Jam
12th  7 Schwaben  Fendisc  Thundering Herd
13th  Fire of London    
14th  FWD>>    
15th  FUJ    
16th  Prague Devils    
17th  Brighton City    
18th  thebigEz    
19th  Gentle Open    
20th  Cambridge Ultimate    
21st  ReadingUltimate    
22nd  M.U.C.    
23rd  Aarhus Ultimate    
24th  Helsinki Ultimate    

Spirit Statistics

Open Spirits

Women Spirits

Mixed Spirits


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Invitation to EUF Congress and Call for EUF Board Candidates 2014-2016


Dear European Ultimate Federations,

on Friday October 3rd from 20:00 to 22:00 during the EUCF in Frankfurt, there will be the annual EUF general assembly, where at least 1 representative per federation is kindly invited to attend.


We are looking for candidates for following positions:

  • EUF President
  • EUF Secretary
  • EUF Treasurer
  • 6 directors at large (chairing the Youth Committee, Spirit Committee, Development Committee, Championship Committees in Open/Women/Mixed/OpenMasters/WomenMasters)
  • 2 Finance Auditors



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Call for bids for EUCF2015


Dear Federations,

The European Ultimate Federation opens officially the submission of bids for the organization of following two tournaments:

  • the European Ultimate Championship Finals 2015 (EUCF 2015) in the divisions open, women and mixed.

The requirements and all deadlines for the competitions are in these documents.

Please use the EUF template for the submission of the budget.

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Colombia U17 participates in the Open European Youth Ultimate Champiomship


Dear EUF Member Federations,

After consultation with you in April about the request of Colombia U17 to participate in the EYUC U17 division in Lecco (see letter), the EUF board decided to accept this request.
The name of the U17 competition has been changed to Open European Youth Ultimate Championship (OEYUC).

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EUC2015 participation survey results and Women Masters division at the EUC2015


Dear EUF member federations

Thanks a lot for having taking part to the participation survey for the EUC2015.
24 federations sent us information, which is an amazing response rate!

according to the survey we expect between 70 and 80 national teams to come to Copenhagen and play on the 21 juicy pitches the venue offers.
This will make the EUC2015 the largest EUC event ever. As a comparison the EUC2011 hosted 50 teams.

We are also very excited about the response about the Women Masters division. More than half a dozen nations have serious plans to send a team in this division.

In order to better coordinate this new division, the EUF board appointed Valeska Schacht from Germany as Women Masters Coordinator for the EUC2015.

Please support her in easing the communication to your women Masters members and of course sending a women Masters team to Copenhagen.

really looking forward to enjoying this "Wonderful EUC" experience !

Grazie e Ciao
- EUF president -

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Call for Bids for the EYUC 2015 (U20 + U17 Open & Women)


Dear Federations,

The European Ultimate Federation opens officially the submission of bids for the organization of the European Youth Ultimate Championship 2015 for national teams (EYUC 2015) in the divisions U20 open, U20 women, U17 Open and U17 Women.

Summary of deadlines:

Mar10th 2014:          Declaration of interest
Apr 30th:                  Bid complete, provisional budget
May 15th:                 Shortlist by EUF
Beginning of July:      Bid selection published

For more details read Requiments and deadlines for EYUC 2015

Please use the EUF template for the submission of the budget.

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EUCF 2014 - Frankfurt - Oct. 3rd-5th



Dear European Ultimate Members

The EUF board and the Central Series Committee (CSC) are pleased to inform you that the EUCF 2014 has been assigned to Robert Pesch and Heiko Karpowski, that are supported by the German Flying Disc Federation (DFV).
The tournament will take place in Frankfurt, in the same venue as 2012, from Oct. 3rd to Oct. 5th.

24 Open (8 Elite and 16 Challenger), 12 Women and 12 Mixed teams will play for the title of European Ultimate Club Champion 2014.


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EUC 2015: Copenhagen (DEN) July 27th - August 2nd 2015


Dear EUF members

I'm pleased to inform you that the EUC 2015 will take place in Copenhagen (DEN) from Monday July  27th to Sunday August 2nd 2015.


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XEUCF 2013 Final Standings and Spirit Statistics


The EUF congratulates the medals Winners!

Gold Clapham Iceni Bear Cavalry Zimmer
Silver Freespeed U de Cologne Croccali UFO Tampere
Bronze Bad Skid Lotus UFO Utrecht Ultimate Vibration

Congratulation to Ka-pow! (Open), Nice Bristols (Women), Cambridge (Mixed) and Caracals (Masters), that have been elected by the opponents as those teams, that mostly represent the Spirit of the Game values!

The final Standings and the Spirit Statistics are in the Games Session.


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Invitation to the EUF general assembly 2013


The EUF general assembly 2013 will take place in Bordeaux on Friday September 27th during the eXtended European Ultimate Championship Finals 2013.



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Call for bids for EUCF2014 and EUC2015


Dear Federations,

The European Ultimate Federation opens officially the submission of bids for the organization of following two tournaments:

  • the European Ultimate Championship Finals 2014 (EUCF 2014) in the divisions open, women and mixed.
  • the European Ultimate Championship 2015 for national teams (EUC 2015) in the divisions open, women, mixed and masters.

The requirements and all deadlines for the competitions are in these documents.

Please use the EUF template for the submission of the budget.

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Final Bid allocation for XEUCF 2013


Dear European Ultimate Federations


the CSC finalized the remaining bids for the XEUCF.

The last Mixed Bid has been assigned to the South Region, which has now 4 bids in Mixed.

The last two Women bids go one to East, which has now 3 Women Bids, and one to West which has now 4 Bids.

All Open Bids have been already assigned.

The Waiting list order, if a Region is not able to fill up all bids, is:

  • Open: S, E, N, W, C
  • Women: S, N, C, E, W
  • Mixed: W, N, E, C, S

Qualified teams will have to confirm their attendance at the XEUCF few days after the EUCR.
Details about deadlines and procedure will be sent directly to the registered teams by the regional committes.

Bid distribution per region


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EUCRs 2013: Dates and Locations


The CSC is happy to inform that all EUCRs (but one) in the various divisions has been assigned.

Tournament Date Location
EUCR North Open+Women+Mixed August 24+25 Helsinki (FIN)
EUCR West Open+Women+Mixed August 24+25 Southampton (GBR)
EUCR East Open+Women August 2-4 Maribor (SLO)
EUCR East Mixed August 24-25 Brno (CZE)
EUCR South Open+Women August 24-25 Bern (SUI)
EUCR South Mixed July 13-14 Bergamo (ITA)
EUCR Central Open+Women August 24-25 Frankfurt (GER)
EUCR Central Mixed August 17+18 Enschede (NED)


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EYUC2013 Webpage and Registration Info


Dear European Ultimate Federations,

after a short term looking for appropriate accommodations now the hosts of the EYUC 2013 in Cologne, August 05 to 10 are able to offer you the following options. Registration for EYUC 2013 now is open. Please find all details at .

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EYUC 2013 takes place on August 5th-10th 2013 in Cologne (GER)


The EUF Youth Subcommittee together with the EUF Board is happy to announce that the European Youth Ultimate Championships 2013 (EYUC 2013) will take place in Cologne (Germany) from August 5th to 10th. The organizer is the local team Frühsport 02, that has a long experience in organizing large international tournaments.

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XEUCF2013: Division size and bid distribution per region


Dear EUF member federations,

The CSC has fixed the size of the various divisions at the XEUCF 2013 in Bordeaux and the bid distribution per region.

Division size

Open: 24 (divided in elite and challenger)
Women: 16
Mixed: 16
Masters: 10

Bid distribution per region


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XEUCF 2013: Bordeaux (FRA) on Sept. 26th-29th


The CSC and the EUF Board are proud to announce that the eXtended European Ultimate Championship Finals 2013 (XEUCF 2013) will take place in Bordeaux (FRA) from September 26th to 29th (4 playing days).
It will be organized by the local team 33Tours in collaboration with the city of Bordelais (Bordeaux district) and the French Flying Disc Federation (FFDF).

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Spirit of the game for the EUCS


The EUF-Board would like to stress again how important it is that teams participating in the EUCS correctly fill in and promptly hand in the spirit sheets. In order to have the Spirit Scoring System work well, it is essential that teams score in a similar way (e.g. “good” = 2).

As very basic step, please make sure that all your teammates read and understand the WFDF Rules of Ultimate and their Official Interpretation.

Latest at the captains' meeting you will also be asked to elect the members of the Tournament Rules Group (TRG) for that tournament.

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European Youth Ultimate Championship 2012 - Dublin


Congratulation to all participants for their performance and the very good spirit demonstrated.

Thanks a lot to the Tournament Organisation Committee and their staff for managing the competition, also in very bad weather conditions!

Final Ranking

Under 17 Open

  1. Germany
  2. Italy
  3. Israel
  • Spirit - Switzerland

Under 17 Girls

  1. Austria
  2. Great Britain
  3. Germany
  • Spirit - Austria
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European Ultimate Federation is a legal entity in Austria


The EUF board is happy to inform its members and the whole European Ultimate community, that the process started in Maribor on July 31st, 2011 during the EUF Congress, with the decision to officialize the legal position of the European Ultimate Federation has finally reached a successful end.

The EUF is a legal entity with seat in Austria.

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Invitation to the EUF general assembly 2012 and call for candidates


The EUF general assembly will take place in Frankfurt on Friday September 28th during the European Ultimate Championship Finals 2012.

The EUF officially opens the call for candidates for all board positions and for the financial auditors.



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Call for bids for the eXtended European Ultimate Championship Finals 2013


The European Ultimate Federation opens officially the submission of bids for the organization of the eXtended European Ultimate Championship Finals 2013 (XEUCF 2013) in the divisions open, women, mixed and master.
Deadline for submission of a declaration of interest is: August 31st 2012.

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Launch of the new EUF web page


Dear European Ultimate Community,

The EUF is proud to launch its new web page.

We would like to thank the following person for having made this possible:

  • Jose Pires (FFDF), Myriam Bonne (Freezzz Beezzz Brugge), the Austrian Frisbee Sport Federation (ÖFSV) and Martin Hörmandinger for the background pictures.
  • Miha Slekovec (SLO) for designing the new EUF logo
  • Paolo Pizzuti ( for the graphic layout of the web page
  • Daniele Bellinzani ( and Lorenzo Cadamuro ( for the technical implementation of the CMS system.
  • Thomas Griesbaum for the Webhosting and System Administration.
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Call for Bids for EYUC 2013


The European Ultimate Federation opens officially the submission of bids for the organization of the European Youth Ultimate Championship 2013.
Deadline for submission of a declaration of interest is: May 15th 2012.

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EUCRs dates and locations


Date and location for all EUCRs have been fixed. EUCF Bids per region are also defined.

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EUCF 2012: Frankfurt on Sept. 28th-30th


The EUCF 2012 in the division Open (24 teams) and Women (10 teams) will take place from Sept. 28th to 30th 2012 in Frankfurt (Germany).

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