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Call for bids for the EUCF2017

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Bids can be presented by national federations or affiliates with the support/approval of a national federation member of EUF.



This is the call for bids for the European Ultimate Championships Finals in the divisions open, women and mixed.

As in 2016 we would like to have a single big event for all divisions.

We are also conscious that it's not easy to find a venue with the required amount of fields in fall. For this reason as fall back solution we also accept bids for hosting the finals only for for some divisions.

Possible combinations are:

  • open+women+mixed
  • open+women / mixed
  • open / women+mixed
  • open / women / mixed

Most requirements are valid for both options. The few specific one are explicitly marked.

Time Line:

Sept 30th:                   Declaration of interest to host

Oct 31st:                     Bid complete, provisional budget

Nov 15th:                   Last changes to budget

Nov 30th:                   Shortlist by EUF

End of Dec:                 Bid selection


All mails shall be send to

Tournament length:

3 full days (arrival on Thursday – Finals on Sunday)


Target Date is Sept. 29th-Oct. 1st. 2017 As an alternative the weekend after can be considered.


Number of Teams:

Open = 24

Women = 12

Mixed = 12

Number of Players:

In the previous events the average number of players was around 18


Following number of fields are needed in order to run the finals in the various divisions:
Open: 6 WFDF-regular fields for 3 full days
Women: 3 WFDF- regular fields for 3 full days
Mixed: 3 WFDF- regular fields for 3 full days

A WFDF-regular field measures 100m x 37m + 5m restrain lines around it.
WFDF-conform field size (90m x 33m + 3m restrain lines) is tolerated but should not be the standard.

Please provide the size of the single fields in your bid.

Please provide a plan in case of rain (e.g. additional fields available, turf fields,

Football goals must be removed or protected, for the safety of the players.

Having all pitches on 1 site is an asset.

Having a grand stand for showcase games is an asset.

Please add in the bid a google map link of the venue(s) and describe the grass



Please consider at least 1 Person per field plus at least 3 - 4 persons to manage schedule, spirit - scorings, volunteers, etc.

First Aid-Kit must be available at the fields. Medical staff and/or physiotherapists are recommended. Fix ambulance at the fields is an asset.

Please describe your medical plan in your bid.



Price range for the various accommodations must be indicated in the budget.

Please include at least one low budget accommodation (floor space, camping, hostels,...).

Please add in the bid a google map link of the accommodation and the distance to the venue(s).


At least breakfasts must be provided.

Warm Dinners are highly recommended.

Drinking water must be available at each pitch.

Please indicate where and how you plan to provide meals and the indicative costs.


Indicate how the tournament location can be reached (distance to airports, public transportation system,...).

Having a tournament location, which minimizes the travelling costs for most teams is an asset.

Social Events:

Please shortly describe the plan for the social events.

Media Visibility:

The first goal for a tournament organization must be that the customers (=the players) get what they came for: good regular fields, smooth organization of the competition.

Secondary EUF events can be used by local Ultimate associations to get a better visibility which should help getting sponsors and, on the middle term, new players.

Please indicate if and how you plan to increase the tournament visibility and which budget you reserve for this.


Medals and Winner Trophies will be provided by EUF.

Spirit of the Game will be most probably covered by the EUF partner merchandiser.

A tournament gift per player is not necessary and should be considered only if covered by a sponsor.



As a reference consider that the previous EUCFs had a budget of about 50€ per player per day, including accommodation (camping), food (HB), player’s fee and share of the team fee.

For the budget plan, please use the EUF template.

We want to make clear that people, who work hard on these events, should receive some reasonable payment, nevertheless management costs should be kept to the minimum.

The Tournament Merchandising will provided by a EUF Partner.
Potential Sponsoring Deals made by the TOC must be agreed with EUF.

The EUF committee wants to make sure, that it is able to get very clear visibility of all the costs, that costs are reasonable, and that we help make sure players don’t pay for things that they might prefer not to have if given the choice.