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General Info

The EUCR Central in the Mixed division took place in Enschede (NED) on the weekend of 23/24th of August 2014. There was participation of five teams, three from the Netherlands and two from Germany. Unfortunately a lot of German and Belgian clubs that went to WUCC in Lecco didn't participate. In the end UFO Utrecht and Airborn from Arnhem qualified for EUCF in Frankfurt. They were both also shared Spirit of the Games winners. In Frankfurt these two Dutch teams did fairly well, ending 7th and 8th in a field of 12 clubs.

Bids available for the EUCF 2014 in Frankfurt :

Mixed : 2

Bids per Nation:


Germany : 4
Belgium : 1
Netherlands : 2
Denmark : 1
Luxemburg : 0

Waiting list order :

Luxemburg - Belgium - Denmark - Germany - Netherlands

Rostering System

Please register your team and roster your players before 4th of August 2014 at the FFindr page of the EUCR-C Region.

For detailed information, please refer to the rostering system page.