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2012 EUCS Regionals North Region


Thanks to all the teams and players for making this tournament happen!
Congratulations to TOP 4 teams in Open division and TOP 2 teams in Women division in qualifying for EUCF in Frankfurt. Show the best of our region!


  1. Viksjöfors IF Ultimate (SWE)
  2. Otso (FIN)
  3. KFUM Örebro (SWE)
  4. Salaspils Wild Things (LV)
  5. Helsinki Ultimate (FIN)
  6. Vorai (LT)
  7. Ultimate Decision (LV)
  8. Jupiter (RU)
  9. Dolgorukiye (RU)
  10. Tallinn Frisbee Club (EST)
  11. Nordic Combined


  1. Viima (FIN)
  2. Cosmic Girls (RU)
  3. E6 (SWE)
  4. Helsinki Ultimate (FIN)
  5. Estonian Ultimate (EST)
  6. SalsaPils (LV)
  7. UFO (FIN)
  8. Nuts & Bolts (RU)


Location: Tallinn (EST)
Date: Sept. 1-2
Format: 2 day tournament with 11 Open Teams and 8 Women Teams

Bids available for the EUCF 2012:

Open Elite: 1
Open Challenger: 3
Women: 2

Bids per Nation/Session have been distributed:

Finland      2 bids
Sweden     2 bids
Russia       2 bids
Latvia         2 bids
Lithuania    1 bid
Norway       1 bid
Estonia       1 bid

Finland      3 bids
Sweden     1 bids
Russia       2 bids
Latvia          1 bid
Estonia       1 bid

Deadline for registering teams is 23. July. For registrering please send an e-mail with your team's name, country and division to the e-mail address

The deadline for submitting your rosters is 13. August
Please notice that on the roster all team members should be listed and not only those who will participate in the EUCR-N. Any change to these rosters after this date will be automatically considered an addition (see the EUCS Eligibility Rules)

Please register your team and roster your players at the FFindr page of the EUCR-N Region. For detailed information, please refer to the rostering system page.