Background ultimate federation

As part of the check-in procedure team representatives shall report to the scorekeeper at the appropriate field at least 30 minutes before their game is due to start.
For games where teams are scoring themselves, captains shall meet at the field at least 30 minutes before the game.


Teams are requested to hold a spirit circle 30 minutes before the game. Teams can agree on an earlier time to better intergrate it in the warm-up routine.
The circle should just take few minutes.
The aim of this circle is to prevent problems during the game through clear communication of the expectations on the various aspects of the spirit of the game.
An example of the topics to talk about in this spirit circle:
  • Introducing the team and spirit captains so that everybody knows who will step in when discussions take longer than 30 seconds
  • Inform the opponent of your position and ideally agree on
    • [Rules Knowledge & Use]: how strict do you apply the rules? Are there players with limited rules knowledge? E.g. you call all violations or only if the rule infraction has an impact on the outcome of the specific situation.
    • [Fouls & Body Contact]: which level of contact is tolerated and which is not?
    • [Fair Mindedness]: Expectations how to handle contested calls
    • [Positive Attitude & Self Control]: what is important for you when the opponent makes a call
    • [Communication]: are the players that need a translator when discussion a call?
  • flip discs to determine possession and field position for their teams
  • decide game disc type: for adult division there is following break the tie rule: If one team wants to play with eurodisc and one with discraft, discraft will be used. In youth divisions it is the other way around, so eurodisc will be used in case of a tie.
  • decide the jersey colors. These is no home/away rule to determine the jersey colors.
  • High five to great your opponent

The time defined in this document are the default ones and can change from event to event. Deviations will be explicitely written in the Player's and Captains Info.