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The EUF Club Championship bases its rostering system on the webtool

Each Region has an own page to manage the rosters of all teams interested in joining the league.

Since the Regional Tournaments might be played on different dates, the registration deadlines are specific for each EUCR.

Please notice that the registration on the EUCR-Pages on as exclusively used for the registration in the series and rostering (at regional level) and do not automatically imply that the team will participate in the tournament. EUCR participation depends on the results on the national/sectional selection tournament.

Short Description of the rostering process

  1. The Team Manager/Captain registers the team on the Regional Page. Use the label "eucs-201X" to list all EUCS events in the defined year. E.g. eucs-2013
    The registration and rostering process is the standard one which has been used on all large scale tournaments.
    Please notice that all eligible players of the team must be listed on these rosters and not only those attending the tournament.
  2. Since the national country coordinators must approve the rosters, please enter in the comment text box the list of the addtional players (see Eligibility Rules) if any.
  3. Once Registration has closed, the country coordinators will proof the rosters and add a labels of the type “EUCS Team 201X” and “EUCS Player 201X” on the teams and on the players. Additional players will get also the label “EUCS Additional Player 201X”. player and team administrators will get a notification after this operation.
  4. In case of double nominations of some players, the country coordinator will get in touch with the team managers of the teams listing the same player. The list of the double rosters can be find on the dashboard "EUCS Player 201X: double-rostered". (E.g. EUCS Player 2013: double-rostered)
  5. Team Managers/Captains who want to add additional players after the rosters have been frozen (e.g. between the EUCR and EUCF) must contact via the regional EUCS administrator (that is the admin of the EUCR Rostering Page) and request the additions.
    Please write the exact name of the player\'s profile as if and specify if and in which other roster the player was rostered before.

If you have any question about the process, please first read carefully the detailed description in the EUCS Rostering System User Manual.